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Default MMS1 for Viral Diseases

The following is taken from Jim Humbles web site :

"Viruses are a thousand times smaller than bacteria and thus are not killed in the same way. Bacteria are killed by an explosive oxidation reaction, whereas viruses are killed by keeping a virus from forming over a period of time. MMS prevents the protein of the virus from growing into its final configuration and thus they die.
Where viral diseases are present, you must keep MMS present in the body for an extended period so that viruses cannot continue to build their special proteins.

The various protocols take this into consideration. For viral infections, normally the chlorine dioxide needs to be continuously present in low-dose amounts for at least 12 hours, and sometimes even longer. This is in contrast with bacterial infections where a large dose of MMS in the morning, noon, and evening will be effective in a fast kill of bacteria.

We know for certain that activated MMS (chlorine dioxide) only remains present in the body for about 1 hour. That means you must take a small amount of MMS every hour for an extended period of time to keep the viruses from forming, and thus they die by never reaching maturity." end quote.

So, as i am trying to rid my body of HSV, I was considering the following: Normally I take 15 MMS x 3 times a day. Maybe, if i was to take 5 MMS every 2 hours, 9 times a day technically i would be keeping MMS in my system continuously in smaller doses but still totalling 45 drops...??

Any suggestions or comments appreciated.


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Sounds logical to me. There are posts here on the forum by people who think they licked herpes. You should look for them
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