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Osmotic shock

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Posted 08-29-2010 at 08:30 AM by jfh

Osmotic shock or osmotic stress is a sudden change in the solute concentration around a cell, causing a rapid change in the movement of water across its cell membrane. Under conditions of high concentrations of either salts, substrates or any solute in the supernatant, water is drawn out of the cells through osmosis. This also inhibits the transport of substrates and cofactors into the cell thus �shocking� the cell. Alternatively, at low concentrations of solutes, water enters the cell in large amounts, causing it to swell and either burst or undergo apoptosis.

All organisms have mechanisms to respond to osmotic shock, with sensors and signal transduction networks providing information to the cell about the osmolarity of its surroundings, these signals activate responses to deal with extreme conditions. Although single-celled organisms are more vulnerable to osmotic shock, since they are directly exposed to their environment, cells in large animals such as mammals still suffer these stresses under some conditions.

Calcium acts as one of the primary regulators of osmotic stress. Intracellular calcium levels rise during hypo-osmotic and hyper-osmotic stresses. During hyper-osmotic stress extracellular albumin binds calcium.

I'm interested in this, because the sodium bicarbonate protocol, of the successful cancer cure, based upon the replacement of extracellular acid with alkaline. https://phkillscancer.com/protocol

Can such osmotic shock kill cancer cells? The way that cesium kills, is to penetrate the cancer cell and give it a more acid environment. It does not alter the extracellular acid environment. Inside the cell is already leaning toward the alkaline side. This must be a result of osmotic shock. The hypothesis is that the molasses or maple syrup "opens" the cell, so that the bicarbonate get be allowed in. Cancer, as well as good and bad bacteria, consume glucose. That must be what opens the cancer cell. Then the cell cannot respond to the osmotic stress.

Now, I'd like to find supporting documentation.
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