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Binding sodium bicarbonate with sugar

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Posted 08-29-2010 at 06:20 AM by jfh

Just heat them together on medium heat.

heating sodium bicarbonate releases water and carbon dioxide and sodium carbonate.

Pasted from <https://www.chemtutor.com/react.htm>

Sodium carbonate - a white crystalline substance,
having a cooling alkaline taste, found in
the ashes of many plants, and produced artifically in
large quantities from common salt. It is used in making
soap, glass, paper, etc., and as alkaline agent in many
chemical industries.

Pasted from <https://dictionary.die.net/acid%20sodium%20carbonate>

Why do we care? The sodium carbonate will neutralize the stomach acid, allowing the molasses or maple syrup to pass through will little digestion. This is a good method to get them both to the cancer cells. Cancer cells require more glucose than other normal cells. I don't know what that will do for some bad pathogens, like Candida Albicans. They like the alkaline environment and love sugar too. However, this recipe may kill the Candida, by increasing their intracellular pH, by the method of osmotic shock.

Heat the maple syrup to a warm temperature to dissolve the baking soda (this need not be at a boil). Once warmed, stir in the baking soda for 5 minutes. Example: 90 tsp syrup, 30 tsp baking soda. Store this at room temperature. Make enough for 10 days, beyond which mold may grow.

The syrup/bicarbonate complex is brought into cancer cells where it alters pH to an unfavorable alkaline level.

For cancer patients use 5-7 teaspoons per day divided.

Or follow this proven protocol, for cure of prostate cancer, where daily testing of pH will give you the right recipe. https://phkillscancer.com/protocol
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