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Default long week, some bad (pneumonia) and some good!

As alot of you know, I am a foster care provider for a disabled girl. Because we are in a federally funded program, we have alot of rules we have to follow. Would drive a sane person crazy!

I have kept her on a very lo processed carb diet, not much sweets or sugar. basically meats veggies and fruit. Have been giving her our version of the flu buster* on a daily basis mixed in with her meat daily. When she starts showing any sign of sickness, I am quick to do iodine and/or collodial silver. Recently she started coughing and snotting a bit (not trying to be rude, but mucos from the nose doesnt sound right either!) I started doing about 3 drops of iodine twice a day, 2000mg vit c (1000mg from emergenC the other from carlsons vit C powder) once a day sometimes another emergenC in the evening. Collodial silver twice a day, the flu buster once a day, theives oil on her chest and alternated thieves oil in the vaporizer with vinegar in the vaporizer. Did the ear candles and the cajeput oil on the glands by the ears also. Even switched our soap to the eucalyptus castile soap (I love it!) I was keeping any sickness at bay... I thought!!! Then word came down, that it was time for yearly inspection for our providers, which means that folks from the state come in and check all the records, and pick a certain number of homes to inspect.... Because of the program I am in, home remedies and herbal remedies were not allowed to be given unless I have a doctors order. So all my everything...the oils the silver, the flu buster, all had to be taken out of the house, because if found, would be thrown away and I would be in big trouble.... Wouldnt you know it, the minute I drop my guard, my granddaughter that lives with us gets sick.... dog sick...fever, coughing, aches... the whole nine yards.....which, she very quickly shared! foster daughter vomited and had dry heaves Sunday, but thats sort of normal, she use to get travel sickness alot, but I thought we had it fixed, so when she threw up in the car, I was thinking travel sickness...and the dry heaves are just something her body does everytime she throws up...she will have dry heaves for the rest of the day.... any way, monday morning, she was back to her old self....monday night she spiked 102.2 fever... I gave her liquids and let it work itself out without giving tylenol or anything.... next morning she was fine. in the afternoon she went up to 101 and started looking like she felt miserable. Took her into doctors who ended up admitting her to the hospital for beginning stages of an infection final diagnosis was pnumonia, but bronchitus and strep were thrown around abit too..apparently while we were in the very beginning stages of all of it, she was dehydrated, so that was making her immune system weaker I guess....four long days of hospital life...IVs and iv rosefen (is that how you spell it?) and another one I cant think of....sent us home late saturday with a script for augmentum... which I cant get because of the late hour he sent us home and none of our stores can get it till monday....I have to give it to her, I dont have a choice.... not to mention that I dont want her to get any worse then she was..... so lots of questions....let me start another post for those,
but let me tell you my good news... while at the doctors office wednesday, I was telling the doctor about some of the home remedies I use... the candles, want to use the neti pot, the ear syringe, the flu buster, the thyme and honey recipe, and so on...And then explained to her that because of inspection I had to take all this stuff out of my house because I didnt have a doctors order for them. I then asked if there was anyway that she could list the candles, the neti pot ect and home remedies onto my list of over the counter meds that I am allowed to give to foster daughter..and dadgumit, she sure did... I am now legally allowed to give my foster daughter home remedies.... and to top it off...when the doctor released us saturday, we were sent home with instructions to continue with home medications and herbal remedies....That was a big win for me!!!! I dont have to hide my oils and all my other stuff anymore. I am free to give her what she needs!!! I am so thrilled!!!!
ok, next post questions!!!

*flu buster...onions, garlic, horseradish, jalepenos, ginger (i think thats all) in a mixture of apple cider vinegar (the real kind with the mother at the bottom) set for 6 weeks, suppose to strain and then drink daily... the jug is still in my fridge unstrained...getting stronger daily...it definitly has a snap to it... I take a shot glass of it, and it makes me shake... I mix it into foster daughters food and she does well with it
God is and all is well
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Ok, so if I remember my reading right, there is no sense in giving her probiotics until after the antibiotics are done right? she weighs 100 lbs, any idea how much probiotics I would need to give her..

Ted, I assume we need to get onto Vit D... is there a chart or recommendations for how much to take for someone who is this small...while she is in her thirties, she is the size of and looks like a 12 yr old.

Arrow, does iodine in anyway interact with the pharma drugs...can I do iodine while she is on the antibiotics?

I have in my files a doc that I copied and saved, I am assuming from someone in the forums about vaporized vinegar and onion poultices... Does anyone recognize this... Arrow did you write this????
This is what *I* would do, as I enjoy experimenting and prefer doing things on my own with a focus on what's safe, effective, and inexpensive (or free). However, this may not be what *YOU* may want to or should do. The decision of course is yours.
* * * * *

Inhaling vinegar vapors is an old time remedy. This would be a remedy I would try with any severe infectious lung condition. You basically just place diluted vinegar into a vaporizer or undiluted into a hot saucepan, stand over the vapors with a wet towel over your head to trap the vapor, and breathe in.
Here is some further reading on this simple remedy.
A few years later I had stopped drinking the ACV/honey drink and got pneumonia. When the doctor told me I had to go in the hospital, I could not go. He said if I didn't, I could die. He gave me a huge dose of antibiotics and said to return in 48 hours; if I was still as congested, he would have to insist on hospitalization. I went home and drank a glass of the ACV w/honey EVERY hour. I also put enough ACV to cover the bottom of a small saucepan and heated it very slowly. When it started to steam, I inhaled the fumes. Believe me, it burns wherever there's congestion and made me cough like crazy. (Keep eyes closed, it stings.) After about 8-9 minutes of coughing, I could actually lie flat without feeling like I was drowning and slept like a baby for the first time all week. I repeated inhaling the steam 2 more times over the 48 hour period. When I returned to the doctor 2 days later he said, after listening to my lungs, "If I didn't KNOW yu had pneumonia, I wouldn't be able to tell right now." He was blown away!


From the Wiki on "Vinegar"...
* Vinegar is a folk medicine used in China to prevent the spread of virus such as SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and other pneumonia outbreaks:
* In February 2003, an outbreak in China's Guangdong province of an atypical pneumonia caused massive demand and soaring prices for vinegar, isatis root, and other medicines believed to to be useful in killing the infectious agent.
* Vinegar along with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is used in the livestock industry to kill bacteria and viruses before refrigeration storage. A chemical mixture of peracetic acid is formed when acetic acid is mixed with hydrogen peroxide. It is being used in some Asian countries by aerosol sprays for control of pneumonia. A mixture of five-percent acetic acid and three-percent hydrogen peroxide is commonly used.

Use in Asia
The medicinal use of vinegar is not limited to western medical practice. Vinegar is called the friend of Chinese herbs because it is often used to process the herbal preparations. It is added to enhance the desired effects and inhibit the the undesired effects. It is thought to possess yin qualities and is used to arrest bleeding, disperse blood coagulation and counteract toxic effects, as well as a variety of other herbal cures.
Modern Chinese medicine also uses vinegar. The Hu Bei Yeecang People's Hospital treated 51 cases of jaundice hepatitis with 10 ml. of rice vinegar and two vitamin B-l tablets. All of the patients recovered in four days and regained their appetites.
The Research Institute of Epidemic Diseases at the Chinese academy of Medical Science conducted an experiment on the use of vinegar to treat respiratory infections. They cultured 200 colonies of microorganisms known to cause such diseases as pneumonia, influenza and catarrh. Most of those bacteria were killed within 30 minutes in an atmosphere of vaporized vinegar. This experiment may explain why the workers in the vinegar division were the only ones spared when an epidemic of influenza struck a food plant in China. Another report from a Chinese food processing plant claims that an average of 8 percent of their workers suffer respiratory infections per year while only 1 percent of those who work in the vinegar section suffer such illnesses. And the report say's that the workers in the vinegar section suffer less when they are stricken.

Article: Pneumonia Causes Panic in Guangdong Province
(Note the use of vinegar again.)

* * * * *
Here is another old time cure. I feel this "onion" remedy is probably for real and effective because I was told by my close friend that her brother in law (a cop) suffered for several days with what is called "jail house rot"..which is the worst flu in the world often resulting in pneumonia..which he had. My friend's mother saute'ed white onions and garlic and spread it over his chest. It worked like magic.
Take 6-10 onions, according to size and chop fine. Put in a skillet over a hot fire. Then add about the same quantity of rye meal and vinegar, enough to make a thick paste. In the meantime, stir it thoroughly, letting it simmer 5-10 minutes. Then put it in a cotton bag large enough to cover the lungs, and apply to the chest as hot as the patient can bear. When this gets cool, apply another and thus continue by reheating the poultices, and in a few hours the patient will be out of danger. this simple remedy has never failed in this too often fatal malady. Usually four applications will do, but continue always until perspiration starts freely from the chest. DISCLAIMER: The home remedies in this section were used to "cure what ails ya." People did the best with what they had. However, the author or publisher makes no claims as to their effectiveness and suggest that in case of illness you seek the advice of your family physician. don't try this at home, Kids. Many of the recipes in this collection did not contain amounts or oven temperatures. I have typed them in as they appear in the book, typos and all. Depression Era Recipes Patricia R. Wagner ISBN 0-934860-55-6 Entered by Carolyn Shaw 5-95 Submitted By CAROLYN SHAW On 08-11-95


Another slight variation...
For PNEUMONIA, take six large onions, chop fine, put in a pan over the fire, and add enough corn meal and vinegar enough to make paste. Stir thoroughly and let simmer for about ten minutes. Then put in two cotton bags and apply to chest as hot as can be borne. As soon as one cools, apply the one which has been kept hot in a steamer. Keep changing, making fresh poultices from time to time.

Treating Pneumonia

Pneumonia is an inflammation of the lungs and is caused primarily by bacteria, viruses, and chemical irritants. There are really more than 50 causes and it would be too lengthy to go into them here. Caution: A physician should be consulted because there are complications from pneumonia.
If you are unable to seek medical help, there are ways you can deal with it until medical help is reached. Symptoms begin suddenly and include chills high fever, cough, and sometimes bloody sputum. There is often pain in the chest. I have had what they call “walking pneumonia” and I can tell you it is nothing to fool around with. The mortality rate is high without proper treatment. These are ways to treat pneumonia until you have reached a physician.
Place macerated garlic cloves in a pan and cover with water. Bring the liquid to a boil. Allow fumes to be very strong. If possible, have the patient in the room while you are cooking the garlic. Place a cloth in the liquid and apply the cloth to the chest area. Remove when cool and reheat the cloth by dipping again into the garlic water. Keep this treatment up. Place some of the garlic from the mixture into a quart jar and cover with hot oil, and keep the container tightly closed to retain the strength while not in use. Have the patient inhale the fumes from the jar while you are replacing the hot cloth. If the patient is able, have them eat small pieces of garlic during treatment.https://<br /> <i><font color="#4f612...rg/</font></i>

A few other things I would consider doing to speed up recovery:
* Eat mostly (preferably 100%) raw foods during the recovery (fresh juices may be best). Eat also plenty of raw eggs (free range, organic).
* Include as much of the hottest cayenne/peppers you can to greatly improve blood flow (to aid in removing waste more efficiently & increase oxygen to tissue). Hot spicy soups are an also excellent way of taking it.
* Abstain from sugar and dairy.
* Drink plenty of water to facilitate waste removal.
* Use a quality liquid silver solution (Sovereign Silver appears to be the best) to address potential bacterial issues. (Note that pneumonia can have numerous potential causes...from bacteria, viruses, fungus/yeast, & mold to toxins...and can incur numerous subsequent complications...so its best to be safe.)
* Stay warm and bundled up (no matter how uncomfortable it is) to help the body maintain the fever...which will improve blood flow, help activate specific enzymes, improve biochemical reactions, and facilitate the breakdown/neutralization and removal of waste/toxins.

Has anyone ever tried onion poultices before??? I did it tonite on foster daughter and on grandson who is now also trying to get sick.... at first grandson didnt want anything to do with it, said it was hot, even tho, I doubled checked and we had our hand under it to make sure it wasnt too hot.... but I convinced him to keep it on until the timer on my phone went off and he was ok after that..... afterwards, he fell asleep in less then twenty minutes....seemed very relaxed while doing it... almost seemed to have a soothing effect.... When I did it to foster daughter, I got the same attitude....she just seemed to relax and laid there with the poultice on with no complaints .Since she cant talk, i was more concerned about it being to hot for her, but again kept my fingers under it and kept watching close....
So does anyone know, how often can I do this? And can I keep the onion mixture and reuse it the next day??
I also have the vinegar in the vaporizer going, have garlic on the bottom of her feet. and rubbed their chest with coconut oil. Ran out of collodial silver, so Im making more at the moment....
What else can I do to make sure we nip this in the bud and not have a relapse... I dont want to keep sharing this bug with everyone.... Am I missing something.. Any suggestions
Is there such a thing as doing too much? Am I doing too much, should I back off on anything?? Add more of anything??? What if anything am I doing wrong???/ Thanks for all the help
Oh one more thing.. can someone who is good at math break down the honey thyme recipe??? His recipe calls for 1.5 pints water, 40g Thyme and 1lb honey .... Can we break this down into say I/2 cup of honey and get to tablespoons instead of grams??? I dont even know where to start...
thanks again everyone.... I know I wrote a book....one of my faults, I rattle on and on and on....but I do appreciate any help you can give!!!
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With the iodine, I do not know of any reason not to do it with antibiotics. I would not give them at the same time of day... and this is especially true with iodine and vitamin C as C will oxidize the iodine and render it inefective.

I've never done onion poultices but I know they are a long time old remedy. Castor oil is what I usually reach for more many poultice applications.. do a castor oil search on healthsalon and there is an excellent article.

At 112 pounds I would think that 3,000 mg D3 would be sufficient.. but load her up for a week or two on 10,000 a day. When sickness heads our way I dose 50,000, and sometimes 3 x day if I think it could be serious.

I don't know what type of dibility you are dealing with but I have felt that for many disabled kids Ive taken care of that drainage is a big big issue pertaining to them getting pneumonia as they are often limited in their positions, cant cough well, tend to aspirate, and in general have poor pumonary function... Do you do CPT? I am a firm believer in lots of CPT, and very vigorous. Manual with the hand is the best.
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Originally Posted by Arrowwind09 View Post

At 112 pounds I would think that 3,000 mg D3 would be sufficient

Make that I.U. instead of mg.

Also try puting a drop or two of colloidal silver in each ear once per week or so, and for any suspected lung problems such as pneumonia, try colloidal silver in a nebulizer. That way the silver can get directly into the lungs instead of getting diluted taking the long route..
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Thanks Arrow and PBD, I responded last night, but somehow lost it right before I posted it.
foster daughter is not very mobile..she walks with assistance, but its alot of assistance. we have a special walker for her, but her feet tend to get stuck under the bars. She can move her arms and legs, but just cannot stand or walk by herself. In order to walk her, we have to face each other, with her hands/arms under my armpits (basically) and my hands holding her up by the upper arma, I walk backwards and she will follow very slow process and not fun if and when we fall.. I am sure drainage is probably a big issue.. I didnt know what the CPT was, so went hunting, I dont do it, but will try and find someone who either can or who can teach me... I think that would be something that would benefit her big time. Because she has problems swallowing, I am sure she is probably aspirating....actually the doctor said something about if she keeps aspirating that they would have to put in a feeding tube... She does fine with food (thick, pureed) but doesnt do well with liquids... cant use thick-it because she seems to be allergic to corn and thick-it is made from cornstarch.... Have started using gelatin tho.. someone suggested agar.

will do the CS in the ears and nebulizer today.... got to go put grandson on bus....more later
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