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Default This is Weird Schizo / Paranormal ...

Ok so I want to talk about people with different personalities and this might have nothing to do with any of your discussions but it's something that grabs my attention. I want to talk about " schizophrenia " . I know to some people that study medicine this is something that might catch your attention, but have you ever wondered if these people they say are diagnosed with it, don't really have it? I always wondered about this and it's weird because like myself Now I dont tell the Doctors this but sometimes not all the time I hear voices and it doesn't mean i'm crazy because I know what I hear. I also study the Paranormal and the Parapsychology which i do recommend this book called The Parapsychology Revolution. I always wondered about schizo. It's just a topic that grabs my attention and my question to some of you that study medicine have you ever had anything go in your mind telling you that these people may have a chance of not being diagnosed with it? Because I was studying medicine as well at my school and that is the only thing I could not get out of my mind. Now, IF I was to go to a DR if I was to tell them oh i hear shit are they going to say im NUTS ! ? IT'S JUST SOMETHING I THOUGHT I WOULD POST UP HERE . sorry i couldn't really put this into specific writing it's just that a topic like this is hard to explain to people that you don't know.
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The difference between someone who hears voices as in a psychic and as in schizophrenia is that one is created out of a mental and or physiological imbalance and the other comes from the development of higher mind centers.

schizophrenia is not a peaceful state of mind, causing distressing thoughts and behaviors. I think there may be come cases where people "channel" less than loving entities that take control of them but for the most part these cases are very rare. Most of it is a true mental disorder.

True psychics generally are quite balanced people in their mindset, even if their lifestyle may not be ordinary. They are not distressed and can function in society without alarm, and are in control of their minds and can limit their 'channeling' to given periods of time where the entities are invited and then leave when asked to go.

If you think that you have a gift of channeling but it is running you over there are people out there that can help you and also some very good books on how to manage the energy. It it were happening full force as you seem to be suggesting that it might be then I would seek out skilled counselors in the channeling arena to assist you to reign it in and take control. I first learned about channeling through the Church of Religious Science 35 years ago. The minister could channel and it is a gift that this organization knows can be developed if one wants to, consequently some of its members are quite knowledgeable about it. If I were seeking help I would find someone who has strong spiritual foundations and is NOT into using the 'gift' for monetary gain as these will be the most principled and likely to understand the 'gift' the best.
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