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Default P73 Oregano Oil For Cold - Day 3

I had a cold come on Friday. Friday Night, I bought the north american p73 oregano oil....

it says 6 drops per gel cap.

anyway...the first night i took 2 pills....

saturday.....I still felt sick....and had low grade fever....
took 2 pills in the morning....2 more in the afternoon...and 1 more later.....

today...sunday....I still feel sick...nose is worse....have a headache off and on....low grade fever off and on still....100 degrees f....

took 2 pills this morning....2 in the afternoon....and 2 around 6pm....

how much is too much oregano oil?

i've seen people say....2-3 drops per day.....

mine says 6 drops per gelcap....
I've taken 6 gelcaps several days....thats 36 drops in a day...

I'm calming down a little....it actually says each gelcap contains 6 drops of the "oregano mountain blend"
I'm thinking that is 6 drops of olive oil and oregano oil mixed
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Limitme, years back I tried a good oregano oil tincture in a bottle and used it for winter colds. Don't know whether it's a personal thing, but I don't remember getting good results for either me or my husband. We used a full dropper several times per day. A good stiff dose of garlic, whether from softgels or raw/fresh, seemed to work much better for the common cold.
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I actually ate about 1 clove of garlic on day 1. I chopped it up and put it in my dinner (forgot what I was eating)....

Day 4....
fever is gone....still stuffed up....don't really have a headache. think the worst is gone.
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Gary Null, on one episode of his radio program advocated to take oregano oil under the tongue and to leave it there, so it gets into the lymphatic system. It is very brutal taking it that way!

I used to take 6 drops of NSI Oregano oil and then flush it down with water, but after hearing Gary's advice I switched to his method, which is very unpleasant for several moments. Unfortunately oregano oil never seemed to help me with my perenially runny nose and mucus buildup, I am still searching for a solution.
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Originally Posted by Thrasymachus View Post
I am still searching for a solution.
collodial silver didn't provide you with a solution to the cold problem?
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I started getting severe colds in my 50's. I heard about hypoallergenic flower pollen for colds and it has made a big difference for me. It's inexpensive too.
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