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Old 07-01-2008, 07:20 PM
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Originally Posted by domnisoaradiane View Post
i am not on prozac or zoloft. thank you so much for telling me that i am bad because i have a disorder that i can't control. would you say the same thing if i had cancer? i think not.

this is my last post. i don't believe in western medicine 100%, but it's the best i've got.

give me a break
This is from your post above.
currently on wellbutrin SR 100 mg, ortho tri cylen (for the past 8-9 years), and lunesta (i am prescribed 3mg, but i usually cut it into quarters, and only take when i am stressed).

in the past year i have been on zoloft 50-100mg, cymbalta 60mg, clonazepam 0.5 mg (occaisional, for anxiety and/or sleep), rozerum. i was diagnosed two years ago with major depressive disorder, but my latest shrink thinks i have a mood disorder.

when i was a teenager, i was always on meds for my acne (one of my dermatologists called it "angry acne"). the only ones i can remember right now are clindamycin, zythromax, and accutane.

It states in the past year you took zoloft, 50 to 100mg.

I never said you were bad, and I am not your enemy.
However, you take alot of meds. Do you think they have no side effects?
Sorry, but I don't "sugar-coat". I call it like I see it.
Check out EMpower plus. Its a natural product that many (with mood disorders) swear by.
Let Food Be Your Medicine And Medicine Be Your Food.(Hippocrates)
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Old 07-02-2008, 08:01 AM
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Dom, no one is labelling you as bad, just that what you take may not be as good as you hoped.

Medications made in the mainstream carry side effects, even if it's just a possibility of a mild headache or slight drowsiness, a side is a side regardless.

These days the consumer has more choices, no matter what some sections of the media, medical industry and politcal circles try to do.

Evidence and results etc etc, will leak out, via dedicated individuals, personal testimonies, and those people in the three above catagories, that don't play charades with the individual on matters of health.

There are other ways if you want to find them, and other things out there for you to consider.

Mainstream and the alternative have no consistent record. Alternative is now well publicised enough, to know it's practicioners and exponents cannot shine like Gods of creation, and expect everyone to leave Mainstream in the dust, as the human body has been altered that much, by new and everyday things over cenruries, it's micro-evolution, remains a constant challenge to all, be it mainstream or alt.

No one is ever going to call you bad for thinking well of mainstream, as mainstream has success, but ultimately anything in life has success even with downsides. A vast majority of new things in science and technology, deemed highly positive, come with at least one con, for all the pros, because that's life.

You can believe in what you want with medicine, like I choose to be atheist in religious terms, but it doesn't make you a bad person my man, it really doesn't, but in this ever changing world, you sometimes have to realise, that it doesn't necessarily have to be the case, that you sit back, and narrow the scope of vision, hoping for vindication of your actions when you're old.

You can still believe in your mainstream principles even if you choose to look at other ways of doing things. It's not about who's right or wrong on here, or if you're right or wrong about anything, it's about you choosing the path you feel best suited to you, and knowing it's not the definitive route in life, and you can walk a different path, but ultimately, you'll still be walking in the same hypothetical shoes, from cradle to grave, and if you are having to take several meds in your life at your age, then to increase your understanding of what is possible for you, can only serve to benefit, even if you choose to stick to what you feel is best.

Don't take anything others here say the wrong way, but if some people didn't express concerns for a young man with your situation, and physical issues, they wouldn't feel too good, knowing they could say something and didn't.

You can choose to take on board what's said or not, and choose to diversify what you know, even if you end up always believing in what you are doing now, but don't mistake care and concern for personality bashing of any kind, it's not the case, and I've been here long enough now to say, I can vouch for every single member of this board, in regards to their honesty, human gifts, and quality of Heart and personality, and I hope you'll see it too.

We want what's best for you fella, but we'll NEVER force you to think or believe anything you don't want to. You're old enough to sensibly and rationally make those choices now, but we'll never stop as a community, looking out for one of our own okay
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Old 08-05-2008, 09:47 AM
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Hi, I came across this page while looking up the causes for brittle teeth. My cousin is on a regimin of psychiatric drugs... is this able to cause brittle teeth? He never had this problem before....

Thank you.
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Old 08-10-2008, 04:20 AM
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It very may well be the cause of his problem, Shawn-Lee

It becomes a very difficult situation. And he will likely get no support for change from his doctor.

The best option is to seek out an alternatively minded MD or an ND willing to take on the challenge (not all will) and get him off of those meds. It will take considerable detox, counseling, and big big diet changes as well as nutritional supplementation....perhaps a Clinical Nutritionist can also help. especially if you go with an alternatively minded MD.

People are brainwashed to believe that diet and nutrients have nothing to do with mental disorder but this is an out and out lie and and research on clinical nutrition done in many major US and European Universities has been repressed by the AMA and is not taught in medical school so don't expect to find help from the vast majority of medical doctors with this line of thinking.
This is not medical advice. Just opinion. Whatever you decide to do your your health is strictly your business and your choice.
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Old 08-11-2008, 09:54 AM
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Thank you. That helped me out a great amount, on both areas of my curiousity... the psychiatric question and the teeth.... Thats one question down.

The thing is, could it possibly be maintained using something else? I do know that too much flouride causes teeth problems and that the medicines that he is on are chock full of fluoride... but, could there possibly something that could be used... like a toothpaste or a set of natural remedies that could be used? .... that also is in regulations with state prision facilities? Or could the brittle teeth be caused when the psychiatric drug regimine is catalyst and combined with illegal drugs? (ie: heroin) ...

I do hope he could be helped... I mean, even if he can't be pulled off the psychiatric drugs, I really hope there is something that can be used to help him. The way he's going, he may need a full dentures set or a root canal or something equally painful and awkward... or, since there probably isn't dental offered where he is, he may loose his teeth all together? Is it a possibility?

Thank you for your time.
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