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Lightbulb Static Stretching (before exercise)

Some research and opinion on stretching before exercising...

Many of us are familiar with static stretching from our elementary, middle school and high school years. In my own experience, I can vividly recall starting off each physical eduction (P.E.) period engaging in a series of stretches that we�d have to hold in place for about 30 seconds or so. The idea behind this ritual was that the stretching and holding helped to lengthen and warm-up the isolated muscles being targeted. The expected result was an improvement in physical performance and a reduction in the risk of injury. However, a series of recent scientific studies did not bear out these expectations.

Full Article: https://www.healthyfellow.com/669/sta...retching-news/
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really good post
For the past 5 years I started to hear more and more about how stretching doesn't have half the benefits of warming up. I actually do stretch, but it's about 15-30 seconds max before warming up. I see people stretch for 15 minutes and when I was a kid I always played sports and remember stretching for the longest time.

Maybe it's going to become like years and years ago when people who played sports weren't supposed to drink water and now we see how stupid it was.
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I'm under the impression that any type of stretching is best after you have warmed up a bit to get the blood flowing to the muscles ~ walking, stationary bike, anything like that.

The only exception would be if you're training for muscular performance & strength through lifting weights. Evidently, increased flexibility is not good as it leads to a messing up your strength during weight training.

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