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Default Simple Exercise Equipment: Door Gym

I just thought i would post about a simple piece of exercise equipment that I bought for my son, and that I have found that I like, too.

My son does quite a few pullups, and his friends like trying it. I put it in a door in the main hall, so it is right where we walk by all the time, so, it is convenient to try a few when you walk down the hall.

I can't pull myself up - but I just hang and try to pull up, so I guess i'm doing isometrics in a sense. and I've seen a little difference in just a week. a tiny difference.. but some.

I think the price is reasonable. It seems to be well made, sturdy.

anyway, here is a picture:


some amazon reviews:

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Looks good. Now all I need is to find a doorway to fit my 6' 5" son under.
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You could probably hang from your knees using the ab-loops too! What a nice stretch for the spine discs that would be....
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I actually have something similar to this.. This one looks alot cooler, because it enablesyou to do more.. but I mainly use mine for pull-ups, but I can take it from the top of the doorway and use it for push-ups as well.

Somebody above mentioned being able to use it for ab's and it gave me a great idea of putting the bar really low, and putting my toes under it to help assist me in doing crunchs. I think I'll try that tonite.
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This is a great piece of equipment. I have something called the IronGym Xtreme and it's very similar to this product. I also use a door gym involving resistance bands and was considering purchasing the new Body By Jake Tower 200 but will wait until the price lowers a bit
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I have something just like this.. Its pretty cool.. since its always hanging up I tend to use it almost daily..

However .. funnily enough I dont always do pull ups or work out.. I just grab the bars and let my body hang loose.. its a great stretch for my back, spine.. I can actually feel it decompressing my spine.
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