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Originally Posted by jfh View Post
In 1995 and for a few years, I had one of those helix (vortex) water spinning devices on my kitchen sink. I had municipal water, so I wasn't too worried about parasites. It did not help with lime deposits. It did help the chlorine to outgas faster. It did not make the water softer. I used it for a few years. It made me feel that I got my monies worth. Then I switched to a counter top filter that had an ultraviolet light in it. The nest fad.

For over 10 years, I had that magnetic thing on my incoming water pipe. It is one of those things where you mount 2 strong magnets on the pipe with opposing poles. Disappointing, but I left them on it anyway. Could not hurt either. Did not make water softer. Did not keep lime down.

To me, from my experience, structured water is a fairytale. I feel the same way about that crystal wand that you stir in water to do ...what?

I agree; I do not buy structured water or any ofthese magnetic etc devices.

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