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Default Disclaimer and Forum Rules


NatMedTalk.com is a public discussion forum. Membership and access to the information provided here is completely free. We're not involved with the sale of any products or services, nor do we have any vendor affiliation.

All material on natmedtalk.com is provided for informational purposes only, and should in no manner be construed as medical advice or instruction. No treatment or lack thereof should be based solely on the contents of this information. Readers should always consult with trained health professionals regarding any matters related to their health and well-being.

Although medical advice is NOT offered here, we do encourage the sharing of information and exchange of views. Please be advised that some of the member-provided content may be highly controversial, possibly incorrect, or extremely dangerous under certain circumstances.

We strongly encourage you to exercise caution and good judgment in order to ensure a healthy and safe experience. Do not use advice found on this forum for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. Always speak to your healthcare professional before taking any medication, nutritional, herbal or homeopathic supplements, and before administering any treatments for a health problem. If you choose to ignore these recommendations, you proceed at your own risk.

Natmedtalk.com and its administrators are not responsible for the content of other websites linked from this forum. Also, we do not promote or advise the use of any particular products or therapies recommended throughout this site.

As a user of this forum, you acknowledge that natmedtalk.com and its administrators assume no responsibility for the use or misuse of material provided. Under no circumstances will there be any liability for any damages, health or otherwise, that you may have incurred from the use of any information, product or protocol shared here.

Members joining the forum under 18 years of age, should do so only with consent from their parents or guardians.

By using this site, you agree to the above policies. If the terms and conditions are not acceptable to you, you should immediately cease using this website.


Rule of Thumb: Zero Spam Tolerance Policy. If you come here to promote a website, product or service, or you are seeking donations for any cause, you will be banned.
  1. Regardless of the content of the website, self-promotional links are not allowed.
  2. Email addresses, url links or website descriptions are not permitted as user name, title or location.
  3. Links to any websites that sell products or services are not allowed.
  4. Only links to reputable news, research, government or other informative websites are permitted.
  5. Don't create posts with nothing but a link. If you are going to link to a news article for example, give a summary of it.
  6. If you are a new member, please don't include ANY links in your posts.
  7. All members are asked to use links in a responsible manner.
Any posts breaking the above rules will be removed or edited without prior notification, poster's account may be suspended.


Solicitation of products or services in any manner by members in this forum is strictly prohibited. Violation of this policy will result in having your account permanently banned. Any and all punitive actions taken in these matters are the responsibility of the Management, and will be enforced solely at the discretion of the Administration and their Moderators.

To stop spammers, we've disabled signatures for new members. Signatures can't be used to promote websites or services. No self-promotion is allowed on this board.

Please do not spam by creating senseless posts in order to increase your post count, you'll be wasting your time.


To stop PM spammers, new members must have one post before they can use private message. Please note the system updates the permission every half hour, so it may not be available immediately after you make one post. This only applies to your first post on this forum, after you create one post, PM will always be available.


Posts which are discriminatory, disrespectful, vulgar, harassing, confrontational, critical or contentious, directed at any of the membership or Administration, will not be permitted. Postings which violate this policy may be removed or edited, and the poster's account may be terminated.

Enforcement of this forum's policies is the business and responsibility of the Administration and their Moderators, and will not be discussed or debated with the general membership. Management reserves the right to delete, edit or move any posts or threads in this forum. Modification of forum policies may occur without prior notice. Thank you for your cooperation.
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