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Old 05-16-2011, 10:40 AM
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liverock will become famous soon enoughliverock will become famous soon enough
Default Dr Russell Blaylock - How "Modern Medicine" Killed My Brother

Classic story how of how hospital doctors are shut in to a very narrow treatment paradigm for patients based purely on pharmaceutical drug company information.

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u&iraok will become famous soon enough

Very sad, but typical. If Dr. Blaylock couldn't get through the ignorance and red tape, how about the average person?

I've always bought doctors' reason that they don't have time to research because their practice keeps them so busy but is that just an excuse:


I explained to him what I was asking for was backed up by peered-reviewed studies and that none of the supplements had ever shown any harmful side effects in any dose. In a very arrogant tone, totally unsympathetic to my concern for my brother, he stated that he only read and trusted four journals:
  • Lancet
  • New England Journal of Medicine
  • Annals of Internal Medicine
  • Journal of the American Medical Association
Shocked that anyone would admit to being so intellectually limited, I told him there were thousands of peer-reviewed medical journals, most of which were reputable. He responded that he didn't have time to read or look up additional material.
What an admission!

I reminded him I practiced neurosurgery for 26 years and was a hell of a lot busier than he had ever been. I also told him I had managed to write three books and 30 articles for peer-reviewed journals in addition to three chapters for medical textbooks. He had no comment.
I asked the Chief of Medicine if he would want the same treatment for his brother. He thought a minute and then said, "Yes." He again, appealed to the fact that he didn't have time to research all these things. I reminded him that his job was to do whatever was necessary to provide his patients with the best medical care, based on the latest medical evidence available no matter how much time he had to sacrifice. He could not fall back on time constraints or the fact that he trusted only four journals.
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Old 05-17-2011, 11:54 AM
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liverock will become famous soon enoughliverock will become famous soon enough

I once sent a study showing how getting rid of mercury amalgams helped an MS sufferer to a hospital doctor I had contact with.

He didnt reply but the next time I saw him he didnt disagree with the study but said he was not allowed to recommend to patients anything outside the 'normal' treatment for MS. Its not that they havent got time to study, they just dont want to know anything that isnt mainstream approved, which means drugs and plenty of them.

Its even spreading to British hospitals outside medical affairs. Nurses are being suspended for wearing crucifixes and some have even been suspended for offering to pray for patients.

Some British doctors even gang up on any doctor who uses alternative therapies.

The General Medical Council last April banned a British doctor who carried out magnesium and Vitamin B12 injections to heart and CFS patients who she had been succesfully treating with these injections for over 20 years.

She had been reported to the GMC by a gang of doctors who congregate on a website formed specially to criticise anything called alternative and specialise in putting doctors who also practice alternative medicine out of business. Each one who they ruin they go out and celebrate. Anything that is not drug based medicine is what they call 'Woo'. Picture 50 Stephen Barrets.

The GMC hearing was a farce and put up job. Over 800 letters and Emails from patients with stories about how Dr Sarah Myhill had successfully treated them when the usual medical profession had given them up were totally ignored, and the chairman even admitted he had not read even one letter or Email.

Dr Myhill had never had a patient complain about her nor had she ever damaged a patient yet the GMC saw fit to take away her right to prescribe and considered her a 'Danger'.

Two weeks later the GMC heard another case about a doctor who killed two patients by prescribing the wrong drugs. She wasnt banned but told she must work under supervision for 12 months.

She of course didnt use alternative medicine.

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