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Default Probably old news here

Probably old news here but wondered if anyone has shown the story of Wake Forest Growing Body Parts


Now I know this is outside the body and they use a person's own stem cells but just give thought that they now know the body has the ability with the right ingredients to regenerate. In another one of their latest stories it shows how they have successfully transplanted bladders and are almost ready to put in heart valves.

In 2004 when I found out about a supplement that helped many people come out of many things, most people could not believe because it took regeneration inside the body. I found out about a few local doctors who knew about the technology of cell to cell communication, etc and they took the supplements but said he nor other doctors could not tell their patients without losing their license. I hope we are now coming into a season where the truth can come out.

Many talk about different foods that have greatly helped them come out of things and the reason this is true is because they found what their body lacked to regenerate. Yes, Bill, I believe not every person is missing the same ingredient but who knows, maybe someday they will devise a test to show what each persons body is missing.

With my daughter, the doctor taped above her jaw and noticed she was low on calcium.

Just wanted to share.
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I think glandulars and herbs can help with internal regeneration. For example, Milk Thistle has been known to help regenerate the liver.
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Most interesting! I hope it pans out. What a quantum leap that would be in medical treatment. No more waiting on a donor list.

Originally Posted by kind2creatures View Post
I think glandulars and herbs can help with internal regeneration. For example, Milk Thistle has been known to help regenerate the liver.
Well actually, milk thistle has shown to help improve liver function, but not help regenerate it, at least not directly. The liver is the only organ (other than the skin) that can regenerate on its own, so in helping liver health, you could say milk thistle contributes to that.
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I have a friend who used a stem cell supplement from New Zealand made from fetal sheep stem cells. She was in line for two hip replacements and now her hips are well from the orally taken stem cells.
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