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Question Intro and Book Recommendations?

I grew up with parents who used herbs and suppliments (my mom had an herb buisiness for a while) and lived with a sister and her husband for a couple years who took things a few steps farther. It didn't interest me in the least for a long time...
But after realizing my health is currently not near as good as I thought it was and seeing loved ones struggling with health problems as well; the more natural way of doing things has really peaked my interest.

Right now I am trying to scrape together the little bit of money I can to purchase informational books to study. I don't currently have enough income to buy the suppliments (vitamins, amino acids, etc) that I would like to and that I believe my body needs. So while I work on upping my income I am hoping to learn a LOT about the different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, green foods, herbs, and other nutritional, physiological, and psycological workings/needs of the body.

I eat fairly well but not as well as I plan to. Sticking mainly to organic, all natural, and whole foods. Also using mostly organic and natural care products (tooth paste, shampoo, lotions, etc.)

My current health issues are:
Body ache
Right 'shoulderblade area' pain 24/7
Frequent infections
Trubble sleeping/staying asleep/nightmares
Tired all the time
Little energy
Debilitating mentsral cramps
Memory and consentration problems
I struggle with depression, panic attacks, and anxiety
(It has only been a few months since I was completely overwhemed with sadness, my health, and my family. I spent time in a stress ward after my 3rd suicide attempt. I am trying not get overwhelmed again.)
The prescribed antidepressents and anxiety meds did little to help and I have gotten off of them in hopes of balancing and healing my mind and body with things that arent as likely to cause even more problems than I already have.

I am eager to learn what natural things I can do to be able to enjoy living again.
I believe God will see me through this, and that since He created the intricate way our bodies and minds function that He knows how they work best and how they can be healed.

I am looking for good books that I can read and study.
The following are a few that are on my 'Wish List' for when I can afford them. Anyone recommend/ not advise these books?

Deadly Emotions, Don Colbert
The Devided Mind, John Sarno
Prescription for Natural Cures, Balch
Optimum Nutrition for the Mind, Patrick Holford
Heal with Amino Acids and Nutrients, Billie Sahley
The Brain Diet, Allan Logan
Nutrition and Mental Illness, Carl Pfeiffer
Idiots Guide to Vitamins and Minerals, Allan Pressman
Depression Free- Naturally, Joan Larson
Mental Health Naturally, Kathie Kemper

Any other recommended books? Information? Websites?

Sorry this is so long!!
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Well, if money is an issue I highly recommend MMS. Not exactly a natural product, it is alternative medicine. A little goes a long way for eliminating some of the pathogens that may be causing your current health issues... especially the low immunity and pain.

If you go to this site you can read all about it and you should find a link to download the first book, its a free ebook so that fits right in your budget. Thats all you should really need. The second book is more for people who manufacture mms.

You can also read about it on www.HealthSalon.org In the tool bar you will find testimonials and do a blog search and many mms articles will come up.

Welcome to the forum
Please be advised
I advocate all health blogs linked to NMT.
Read them and explore MMS and CS.
It may be the best chance that you have to heal yourself
of long term and chronic illness.
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Thanks for sharing. Since you have some background in herbs from your family's business, you might really like this old book. It has been one of my best references for years.

Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss
I'm not promoting Amazon and never ever buy from them, but they do have the best prices and customer reviews. Here is the book https://www.amazon.com/Back-Eden-Jeth...2388436&sr=1-1

My book is so yellowed and worn. I should probably refresh it. I got it when it was first published in 1972.

Here it is at Barnes & Noble (Used is cheaper) https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/back...bal%2bmedicine
- Jim
"The most powerful force ever known on this planet is human cooperation � a force for construction and destruction.� (Jonathan Haidt)
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If your suffering from depression you probably have low serotonin levels.
This article you may find helpful to raise your levels naturally.


Some of your other symptoms sound like you may have adrenal fatigue as well.


The best and most comprehensive book I know for beginners in natural health is

Dr Atkins Vita Nutrient Solution- Natures Answer to Drugs. You can get a good second hand copy at Amazon Books for $4 including shipping.

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Welcome to the forum!

When I started getting into natural medicine I went to the library and rented their health books. They had so many. Some books are on tape so see if you can find some that way.

Omega 3 fatty acids can help with depression. I would start taking some cod liver oil if you don't regularly eat fish. https://www.iherb.com/Garden-of-Life-...5-ml/3154?at=0
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You know why people are so sick these days? Yes it has alot to do with eating over 150 pounds of sugar per year, chemicals, pesticides, smoking, drinking, processed food, and lots of other junk.

I recently read a study from the U.S. agriculture government document that stated the soil is depleated of minerals and that study was done in 1936. Thats right, 75 years ago... so how many minerals are left in the soil now after 30 years of spraying with roundup and other "soil killers"??

Eating a carrot in 1885 would be like eating 20 carrots today, minus the chemicals and pesticides. The carrots look the same but contain almost no minerals. That is why people are so sick..
Let Food Be Your Medicine And Medicine Be Your Food.(Hippocrates)
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Thanks everyone for the advice.
I have checked out our local library but they do not have a very good selection. I was able to go to a book sale and find a few of the books that I was looking for- been busy studying since! So much to learn! It's getting me a bit bogged down. Especially since I have trouble my comprehending things I read or hear at times (someone was talking to me the other day perfectly understandably and I thought they were talking jibberish! I couldn't understand them for 2 minutes!), and have trouble remembering what I do learn. But I'm hopeful.
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