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Default Fear of Choking.

I know some of you seen my last post about my sore throat, which btw has gotten a lot better.

Ever since then though, I've been terrified to eat. I'm scared I will choke. I've been living off of mashed potatoes, pudding, and anything smooth. When I try to eat anything solid, I take really small bites and chew a lot. Then I try to swallow, but after a while I stop eating the solids because I get scared the next bite is the bite I will choke on. I've basically just stayed away from meat all together. I tired eating eggs to get some protein, and the only way I've been able to eat eggs is boiled and only eating the middle. The mushier part.

So I have some questions and if anyone can answer I would really appreciate it. I'm not someone who wants to have fear run there lives. I want to get over this. I love food and I honestly believe this is probably the worst fear I could ever get. SO here are my questions..

Is there anything I can do to relax myself while eating to help the fear of choking?
If I'm calm, relaxed, chew a lot, don't laugh or talk while eating, is it still possible to choke to death, or will my body just cough up the chewed food?
Also as of right now, is there any mushy foods or liquids I could eat or drink to obtain the amount of vitamins and protein I need to sustain a healthy life?
Is there anything that I can work on to get rid of this fear all together?
Is there anyone else that had or has this fear that has got over it? Tell me please what you did.

If anyone could answer one or even all of these questions, I would greatly appreciate it very much.
I just don't understand what happened with me. One minute I'm happy eating the food I enjoy. The next minute it felt like something was stuck in my throat, and felt like there was a lump. For like weeks this went on. It is better now, but threw that I've got this huge fear of choking. I don't want to live like this. I want to be able to eat pizza and hamburgers, and anything else I feel like eating.

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As people age the ability to swallow correctly can decline. In fact one doesn't even have to be terribly old for the problem to start. I had this issue in my 40's. The cure for me came with a consult with a classical homoepath.

There is also an exercise you can do in Yoga called the Lion pose. Do this at least twice a day. It will streghten the musculature in the throat.


Although usually it is weakening of the musculature in this area that causes the problem it may or may not be the cause. But in general such weakness and decline is the cause of snoring that can develop in later years.

I would also consider B vitamins daily along with B12 shots weekly.
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Liavera, maybe you could make an egg nog, in a blender, add milk vanilla esscence and a raw egg or two, makes a lovely drink and you could add a scoop of ice cream, malt, and nuts, if you so desire, you wouldn't even know the egg is in there once it is blended.
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