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Default Brain/heart ischemia

Hello everyone....just wanted to update all those who know my situation.
For the last past 4 months my head started to hurt. Along with sucralose/heavy metal poisoning, I now have ischemic brain and heart. I wonder if this is caused by the heavy use of sucralose or the effects of the heavy metal poisons. I am very discouraged by this whole situation and I had to quit my job. Being single with no one to support me makes it very difficult. I have applied for social security disability (for the second time)....maybe this time they will realize I CANNOT work! Trying to teach them of my medical history is like talking to the walls (along with the doctors which do not have any information about either sucra/hvy mtl). I will continue to inform the public. I think I will contact '60 minutes' with my letter I wrote and posted on this forum (Splenda....AGAIN!). I don't know who else to contact but I do know that who ever I contact, I get NO reply! I'm not sure if I am fighting a losing battle for I have been doing this for 7 years now and considered a 'munchausen' case. Any thoughts on who I can contact that might make a difference getting this product OFF the market? People just don't realize how poisonous this poison really is and before I die, I want to make a difference. Children/babies/adults are being fed this!....Please help!!!!!

Also, any input on brain ischemia would be greatly appreciated. I am being driven out of my mind with brain/bowel/gall bladder/liver pain and the doctors just 'brush me off'. I was told an MRA would reveal ischemia for my organs but no doctors are willing to do it....and even if they did, is there any cure?
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Wow 4Peanuts - I have nothing to offer, I am sorry to say. You seem to be VERY knowledgeable on nutrition/diet/supplements and I do hope you find the "Holy Grail" soon.
I am helping a very close family member with HER issues and I will tell you it is difficult. Like you I go and search out the medical forums/google anything and everything for that little seed of information.

When the doctors she was seeing had her at the time she was insured, they offered NOTHING. They took her symptoms for granted and agreed with a dx of Hashimoto's originating years ago. I would NOT let it go. Each new doctor she saw would find NEW issues to treat - but it ultimately boils down to an auto-immune issue. I won't stop until she is at least 90% healthy, for she can take it the rest of the way

I read you are in IN--did your area get treated for gypsy moths? If yes, please do some research on that FORAY 76B - (btk). Who knows?

Good health to you SOON, healing vibes and prayers on their way. ♥
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