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Default are these parasite die off symptoms ?

hi everyone , i been reading up on parasite die off and have hit the mms hard for weeks to try and get ridd of certain symptoms i been having but started the 1000+ again on friday - i dont no if this is die off from para's or not but i tell ya i feel asif im bloody dying everything is painful my whole body is in a state .

i have not passed any parasite yet but the symptoms im having are extreme where i can just about get out of bed n walk for a bit . they are :

headches and pain in various areas of my head n face
muscle and joint pains like ive never had before - arthritis and flu like
severe pain in the prostate and epididymis as if ive got a brand new infection
pain in back and sides , abdomen
skin breakouts and a few sores ( which i thought was staph but gp says it isnt ) itching
low fevers , chills , night sweating and bad shaking
depression , anxiety feel as if i want to just die , fear confusion ect
keep waking up many times a night in pain and cannot get back to sleep
nausea and gut upset ( diarrhea ) cramping noises bad liver ect
breathing issues with cough. and i look like shit and really under wieght , poorly grown for a 25 year old man .

like i said i feel as if my whole body is in trouble and i went to my gp today thinking i may have a bad bacterial infection or infections at once and he didnt really no wha was wrong and just gave me antibiotics , my blood work was all normal aswell , i been on a candida program for a year and have had some scary reactions but no tlike this and i thought the mms was not working against a possible bacterial problem but blood showed nothing and mms is ment to be the strongest infection fighter among other things .
does anyone think that parasites is more likely being killed and poisioning me as they die off and has anyone been through something like this before , itis so bad im not exaggerating at all . id really appreciate a response , the fact that this has all increased in a few days dramatically since i started the 1000+ might inditcate a severe reaction imjust so confused about it all , sorry for the long post but i feel as if i should mention everything .
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Could be a detox phenomena, if you do something too quick, the symptomw would get worse
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kal-el, quit taking the mms since you could be having a reaction to it. The reason is because you mentioned a breathing problem & something could be interfering with the ability of the blood to carry oxygen.

Everything was normal with your red blood cells and there was no electrolyte imbalance?

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everything in my blood was normal and my doc listened to my breathing and said that it was normal aswell , the breathing symptoms are intermittent like most of my other symptoms , i have reduced the mms and my sores have gone and the pains are abit better , i defo am detoxing and i have passed a few flukes and the odd small worm in the last few days , you have made me think about that now tho , i have smoked for about 10 years and mms is a detoxifier so maybe its doing somthing to my lungs i get a slightly sore throat with it aswell so im not sure what to make of it , i did tell my gp and he says its fine but according to my bloods im heathy when i definatley aint so not sure i trust the medical industry anymore tbh
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