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Default Iodine Okay with Wedding Ring?

For several years, I did not wear my wedding ring (I worked in construction and no jewelry was allowed on-site for safety reasons; if a ring ever got caught on something it could cause a person to lose their finger).

However, I now work in an office and have started wearing my wedding ring again. For some reason, it really irritates my skin. It is always itchy, and by always scratching it the skin under my ring is wearing away and bleeding. (Perhaps a speck of glass fibre is stuck underneath from handling fibreglass insulation or drywall.)

In any case, I have been wiggling my ring from side to side and putting a few drops of iodine on the itchy spot. But I am now wondering: does iodine have any adverse reaction with gold? It won�t dissolve the gold or any other metal that might be in the ring and cause it to degrade over time, will it?
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Iodine will not hurt you, if that's the question.

I don't wear a ring because my hands perspire a lot and I develop 'athletes' hand.
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