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Default Low pulse & blood pressure but high cholesterol?

I think I might have posted on here before several months ago asking questions, but I cannot find my original post. I am 35 years old. Have a history of pvc's. Anyway, back in October I started having severe dizzy spells to the point where I tripped. Was out of town when it first happened. Called dr. Didn't seem to concerned about it, so I ignored it. Started trying to work again in December after being out pretty much for the last 3 years due to being ill (pituitary/brain mass, hysterectomy, etc..its been a rough few years to say the least). Dizzy spells continued to get worse especially with being up on my feet for any periods of time & in the evenings. I started watching my blood pressure & noticed it was dropping in conjunction with the dizzy spells (below 100 with a pulse rate in the 50 & 40's). In January, I went for my yearly physical. BP was too low. Dr immediately did an EKG. Next thing I knew, I was being sent to a cardiologist. ECG was abnormal showing an enlarged heart & mild mitral valve stenosis. Stress test was normal. 24 hour holter didn't show much & tilt table test was normal. Dr put me on Florinef. I have hypothyroidism. Thought everything was endocrine related. Increased the Synthroid even though thyroid levels were good. We then moved to VA. Saw new cardiologist 2 weeks ago along with new endocrinologist. Cardiologist diagnosed me with having neurally mediated syncope & is running a whole bunch of tests (stress test, ECG, 24 holter moniter, fasting Cholesterol) especially with family history & the fact that my cholesterol has been up in the 250's the last 5+ years & noone has done anything about it (father had his first heart attack at the age 30 & died of heart disease at the age of 60). Increased my florinef. He is concerned I could have early heart disease. Endocrinologist also ran some tests. Did an MRI the other day to make sure the pituitary mass has not grown back (had a craniotomy to remove it all in Dec of 2005). Still waiting on the results. All of my endocrine studies came back fine accept for cholesterol, which was 239 with LDL of 160. He said it should be much lower especially since I lost over 70 pounds within the last year. Stress test was done last week. My target heart rate on the treadmill was 156 before they could give me the cardiolite. Had a tough time getting it up there & when it finally did get up there, had dizzy spells, was out of breath & had some chest pain. ECG is being done next week with 24 holter monitor. I go back to get the results on the 19th of April. What does all of this sound like to you? I have still not been able to work because of the dizzy spells. I have come close to blacking out. When it gets to that point, my pressures are usually in the low 90's with pulses being in the low 50's. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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