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Default Heart surgery

Yikes! A friend of mine called very distraught because the doctor told her that her 10 year old needs heart surgery. She has no outward symptoms of heart problems but had several holes in the heart as an infant. They did heart surgery when she was 3.5 years old to close the holes. Now she has thickening of the heart muscle (sounds like scar tissue to me) and they want to 'thin" it out. They told her if they don't she'll have problems down the road.

My friend wants a second opinion but this doctor told her a panel of doctors came to that decision. She doesn't think her insurance will pay for another opinion.

I have no idea what to offer her in help. Any ideas? This friend doesn't vaccinate and is very aware of healthy eating so she is open minded to alternative ways to enhance health.
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My opinion, and this is hard to do from this distance, sitting in my comfy armchair, is that she should seek a second opinion. If insurance will not permit it she must protest to the insurance company.

Another option is to find out the names of all the doctors who came to this conclusion and go and discuss the matter with them individually. When group decsions are made like this there are often dissentors in the mix who have another opinion but have been overruled.

Please do not think that these docs are trying to make money off of this child by doing surgery. Pediatric cardiac docs are very discerning and they hate to put children at risk.. and aside from that they generally have more patient oppotunities than they can realisticlly manage. there are no shortage of true and merrited pediatric cardiac patients these days to fill their coffers.

On the other hand, this thickening of the wall of the heart is something that you should be able to see for yourself via mri or some kind of scan. Clearly, deformities of the heart are of great concern and she is of an age where her body will be rapidly growing and increased demands on the heart will be required.

If scar tissue is the issue and they should clearly be able to determine this during the surgery, this child should be taking serrapeptase starting right after surgery along with vitamin c and vitamin K2. You can wait a couple of days post op to make sure all risk of bleeding and serious post up complications is minimal incase they urgently have to go in again. You want to minimize the reoccurance of scar tissue.

Scar tissue is what happens when the body is cut. Some people deal with it better than others and there is no guarantee that if it happened the first time that it will happen again but her body has proven a propensity for this occurance.
I do think their book offers a protocol to deal with scar tissue. It is much easier to prevent it than to eliminate it after it is already formed. I have that book somewhere... I will look for it.

I also know that a short course of steroids can prevent the formation of scar tissue. I had a severe keloid after my first c secetion. After the second c section the doc injected kenalog at the surgical site and I had a perfect scar. I dont know how they would manage this for a heart scar though.

I also think that including a trace mineral supplement would be of benefit post op. Her diet should be good... with lots of supportive nutrients... think minerals and greens and quality protien.
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If she is getting signs of cardiac fibrosis at the age of 10 then I agree it is much better to deal with it now rather than risk the prospect of heart enlargement even further and having to endure a heart procedure when the heart could be weaker.

Besides serrapeptase Curcumin has shown to help reduce cardiac fibrosis which could be taken after the operation.

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Thanks guys! I'll pass your wisdom along to her. She sent me this email this morning
Thankyou for doing some research for me regarding my childs surgery. She has VSD, a small hole in between the walls of the ventricles and thickening of side of heart muscles. She has had three heart surgeries in the past where the repaired a blocked aortic valve, repair some more VSDs, and cleaned up some tissue under neath a valve.

I am feeling overwhelmed and helpless at the mercy of doctors at this moment. I feel I don't have any choice but have her get the surgery.
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Same dilemma, my aunt's child diagnosed to have a congenital heart disease (though not several holes) it is still dangerous for the baby.
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If she gets the surgery, vitamin e minimizes scar tissue. (Do not get crazy with it, it is fat souluble, give her 100 IU starting now, once or twice a week and the last dose a few days before surgery. After surgery, start up again
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