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Old 03-26-2007, 04:54 PM
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Default Cancer stem cells may dictate cancer's course.

Immune response to cancer stem cells may dictate cancer's course

Although stem cells hold incredible promise in the fight against certain diseases, in cancer they're anything but helpful. In fact, mounting evidence is showing that a tumor's growth and spread may depend on "cancer stem cells," which comprise only a very small subset of the tumor. Now, a new study by Rockefeller University scientists shows that immunity to cancer stem cells may help protect people with a precancerous condition from developing the full-blown disease, and that these cells could be an important target for cancer vaccines. https://www.physorg.com/news94127312.html
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Thanks for the info and link.

I believe this is again just another confirmation of the trophoblastic thesis of cancer, which states that cancer is part of the healing process, wherein stem cells/trophoblasts are stimulated to differentiate into the tissue needed for healing. When the healing is done, the immune system clears up the unneeded differentiating cells. Otherwise, these end up as cancer, the type of which depends on the differentiation occurring. Of course there's the backup system of nutrition, namely vitamin B-17, and a host of other phytochemicals.

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