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Originally Posted by u&iraok View Post

You can see that Rizol Gamma has clove, wormwood and black walnut--the typical preparation for parasites. That's why I'm wondering how the ozonated castor oil would make it more effective.
Ozone in general is a great detoxifier and killer of pathogens. I just don't see how an ozonated oil product can get ozone to where it is needed by ingesting it. Perhaps there is more to it than I know. If this product is too expensive why not just use the herbs in caps and a product like this:

I use this stuff and it is powerful but I have only used it for topical applications. Never tried to eat it, but its an idea. Maybe I will call this company and see what they say about eating it. The owner is very knowledgeable about stuff.
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Originally Posted by D Bergy View Post

Lately we have been testing DNA based frequencies from Char Boehm. She is a super smart researcher that has her own patented method of calculating frequencies based on the DNA or RNA of a pathogen. These frequencies are calculated to hopefully damage the DNA of the bacteria. With Lyme this would mean that now you can kill all forms with the treatment, not just spirochete. This is the stumbling block of all treatments presently, as they have a hard time killing cyst form.

I hope to find that they do just that, and I am in the process of testing them, but it will take months to know for sure. If it does work, it will be the biggest breakthrough in Lyme treatment to date, that most people will not hear about.

I hope it works, as it has for a few other pathogens, but time will tell. Check out her site at the link below. It is quite interesting.


Dan - Are you around and if so, have you had results with these frequencies? I'm wondering about buying them for lyme and babesia. Thanks! Angie
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