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Default Myositis, anyone have it?

My son has polymyositis & no meds help. Any experiences with it?
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I doubt that you will find any regular posters here with this experience. It seems pretty rare. Since the cause is unknown its hard to find a cure but according to this article https://www.medicinenet.com/polymyositis/article.htm there may be a viral cause related to CMV virus and if it were me that is the approach I would take first since it is the most direct and there are treatments for chronic viral conditions.

I would think that this is good news as then you have a pathway to approach if your child falls into this subset and assuming that the original diagnosis is correct.

For virus I might suggest a product called Monobrex. Do a search and you will find it. It will boost the immune system to overcome a number of different virus. It is known for curing epstein barr virus. I would try it for up to 3 months. All the herbs in it are safe and very powerful. I have looked into the product.

And of course there is always MMS. We have a subforum on MMS under the Alterntive Therapies. There is a learning curve to using it so educate yourself well before doing it. You will find all the info you need in the 'stickies' at the top of the page with important links, and then lots of personal experiences in the different threads.

How old is your son?
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I advocate all health blogs linked to NMT.
Read them and explore MMS and CS.
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Default Try Cure JM Foundation for help

Our daughter has had juvenile myositis since 2002 and has been doing very well since 2005. Conventional meds (steroids and immune suppressants) are the only treatment, but some complementary therapies (fish oil, PT, etc.) might help the meds.

Visit www.CureJM.org. They are an all volunteer nonprofit dedicated to finding a cure for JM, JDM, PM and IBM. The message board is very helpful in finding help, doctors, treatment information and so on.

Best of luck.
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Default Polymyositis help

I am helping a family member in Asia who has Polymyositis.

Polymyositis is caused by Mycoplasma infection. To find the mycoplasma you can do special blood tests but that may or may not show it. A darkfield microscopy will definitely show the mycoplasma. Another reason for Polymysositis can be Allergies to wheat and other products. So a strict gluten free diet helps.

For Mycoplasma he used Samento (Nutramdex) . He started with one drop and then increased to 30 drops twice day

To test wheat allergy he used Electro Dermal screening .

He did metal detox. To find metals we did hair analysis test . To eliminate metals we used one teaspoon of malic acid in any glass of juice and drank it twice day on empty stomach for 30 days.

He used Probiotics called Threelac twice a day to build the good intestinal flora.

For mycoplasma one can also do Antibiotic protocol by Dr Brown (He worte a book Rheumatoid Arthritis - Its Cause and its Treatment) that uses minocin etc .It also works but we went with Samento as that is as natural it gets.

The best route we found was to find someone who is very knowledgeable about Darkfield Microscopy and mycoplamas ...very few are.

For the body to heal itself the body's terrain has to be cleaned. If you want to research, read about Bechamp, Enderlien,. Naessens, Etc. Mycopalsmas has different names, ..prions, somatoids,

I am not a doctor . I am just mentioning what my family member did for Polymyositis.

best of luck !

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My son has polymyositis & no meds help. Any experiences with it?
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