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Default Nuts To You

Dr. Robert Rowen reported in an email letter, that
cholesterol can be lowered using a tasty snack.


I'll paraprase his report here:

"Researchers recently conducted a well-controlled
study on men with high cholesterol. They started
them on a low-fat, low cholesterol diet for four weeks.
Then they supplemented that diet for four weeks
with hazelnuts (40 grams/day).............at the end
of four weeks, the subjects showed a major 19.5%
decrease in VLDL cholesterol, a 38.8% decrease in
triglycerides and a 9.2% reduction in dangerous
apolipoprotien B levels. Their total cholesterol dropped
5.2%, LDL fell 3.3% and good HDL cholesterol rose
12.6%. It can be very hard to raise HDL, so this finding
is a real pearl.

...we've known for some time that nuts lower your
cholesterol and are good for your heart, but we've
never seen results like this from any other nut.
....a simple and easily available food that when added
to your diet can significantly help your cholesterol.

I hope I've convinced you over the years that high
cholesterol is not a genetic need for a statin drug.
It's a manifestation that something is wrong with
your diet or metabolism. This study supports my
long-term advice to lower your consumption of bad
fats and rely more on seeds and nuts for fat intake.

Please, always make diet and lifestyle your number
one choice for any heart related health challenge.
You'll live much longer with a much higher quality
of life."
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Default nuts

I don't think it has to be just Hazelnuts.
I added a tablespoon of Walnuts to my morning cereal, almonds in my noontime salad, and pecans to my night time yogurt snack. I eat only raw ones, and keep them in the freezer to prevent rancidity. The nuts enabled me to balance my carb/protein ratios while eating less animal protein, which I do not like to eat anyway.

The result was a 44 pt. drop in total cholesterol and a 4 pt. rise in HDL. Nothing budges my low HDL, so even 4 pts. helps.

Unfortunately, nuts have tons of calories! I also gained 9 lbs. in 2 months, and am just now reducing portions of other foods to try to make up for it.

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Brazil nuts are the best source of selenium. 2 or 3 a day will do it.
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