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Default Cellulose as dietary fiber

I was looking for help with Leaky Gut. Then I discovered cellulose fiber. Then I found some cellulose fiber at Swanson's. Now I am trying to justify it. Typical of me.

Anyway, I thought I would share this discovery of my health quest. BTW, the cellulose, that I bought, is a powdered white fiber that is mixed with water and taken before meals. It is insoluble, so it does not really mix. It just makes it easier to take. Being insoluble, means that it will not feed the flora, so I realize that I still need soluble fiber.

Fiber supplements have complex effects on gut permeability and bacterial composition. Low fibre diets increase permeability. Dietary supplementation with insoluble fibre, such as pure cellulose, decreases permeability. Dietary supplementation with highly soluble fibre sources, such as fruit pectin or guar gum, has a biphasic effect. At low levels they reverse the hyperpermeability of low residue diets, probably by a mechanical bulking effect which stimulates synthesis of mucosal growth factors. At high levels of supplementation, they produce hyperpermeability, probably by inducing synthesis of bacterial enzymes which degrade intestinal mucins[148-151]. For maximum benefit with regard to intestinal permeability, dietary fibre supplementation should therefore contain a predominance of hypoallergenic insoluble fibre.

The influence of cellulose on the human’s weight is determined by its effect on metabolism. It is diabolism that brings on the excess weight. The cellulose does not remove fat or influence visible consequence of the excess weight but removes the cause (diabolism). It cleans the surface of gastrointestinal tract, regulates the motion activity of the intestines, brings on the sensation of saturation, facilitates the enduring of low-calorie diet, normalizes the micro flora of the intestines, takes away the excess cholesterin, normalizes metabolism. If you have a lot of cellulose in your meal, the process of digestion needs more energy than usually. In average you will loose 150 kilo calories a day without any efforts. The cellulose is not the medicine which is applied as a “course of treatment” and is not taken after “recovering”. You daily ration has to contain it even in small quantities.
The diet containing a lot of cellulose can help in a fight with increased blood pressure. Scientists studied the results of 25 researches and came to a conclusion that diet containing cellulose is associated with significant reducing the level of blood pressure of those who suffer from high pressure.

About 50 million Americans and 1 billion people all over the world have high pressure.

Parallel with applying drugs, reducing blood pressure, changing the way of life and habits of meal influence much the level of blood pressure, at the same time loosing weight, reducing the use sodium, moderation in using alcohol, increasing the using of potassium, K, increasing the physical activity and following recommendations of DASH.

The researches affirm that their conclusions represent the first full analysis of influence of increased using of diet cellulose on the level of blood pressure. They call upon to make additional researches for study of a long term influence of diet cellulose on blood pressure, involved more examined groups.

“We have made the all-embracing analysis of data of 25 clinical researches and all these data point that including cellulose in diet gives positive effect on blood pressure”,- Simus Wellton from medical school attached to the Tulane University affirms.

The daily applying of cellulose was from 3.8 gm o 125 gm. Cellulose was included in diet in the form of fruits, cornflakes, pills and vegetables.

In general the results showed that including cellulose in diet is entailed with the significant reducing both systolic and diastolic pressure.

In the researches lasting minimum for 8 weeks, the average reducing of systolic pressure was 3.12 mmHg and 2.57mmHg of diastolic.

It was notice that normal pressure also was slightly reduced.

Wellton and his colleagues suppose that these results are the evidence of the theory that increased applying of cellulose can be a safety and reliable way of reducing the blood pressure. Eat more vegetables and fruits and you will increase applying of cellulose and improve your health.

The results of these researches are published in March issue of Journal of Hypertension.

The author: Jennifer Worner
WebMD Medical News

The Cellulose
The cellulose is made from coats of wheat grains and is not one of the modern drugs. From long ago people knew and used curing properties of cellulose for treating gastrointestinal tract.

Due to patent unique method we just made the cellulose more edible, improved its taste properties and parameters.

How the cellulose effects:

The cellulose is a kind of vegetative fiber. On the cell level the plexiformed fibers form a hollow skeleton.

The cleaning effect of cellulose is provided by hollow of fibers. As it is known, the nature does not like emptiness and getting into gastrointestinal tract the cellulose absorbs everything kept in our intestines for many years. A lot had kept there: the diameter of intestines of the average statistical “healthy” person narrows twice or three times. Here are these thickenings the cellulose absorbs: impacted feceses, suppuration, mucus etc.

The billions of microvillus, forming on a cell level a small pores filter- a brush border, responsible for absorbing and assimilation of meal nutrients.

Due to the” products of civilization” this filter becomes cluttered and can not absorb all meal nutrients. As a result a human eats a lot but gets a few.

The cellulose eliminates the alcohol withdrawal syndrome mildly and painlessly. Unlike traditional methods, used for this, the cellulose not only makes the health better, but also absorbs poisons and decay products, bringing on the alcohol withdrawal syndrome.

The cellulose absorbs mucus, blocking up the microvillus, cleaning its entire surface for full contact with meal masses. We can observe the analogous processes of cleaning in stomach.

As you see, problems with digestion can be solved without taking laxative which wash the vitamins, minerals and calcium away from the organism.

The cellulose cleans the organism from toxins, mutagens and carcinogens (slags, poisons, salts of heavy metals, pesticides), takes away nitrates that get into the organism with vegetables and fruit. It reduces the content of sugar in blood, brings on fast saturation and suppresses the appetite. Cellulose improves metabolism, inhibits the process of ageing. [note from me: anti-ageing? Dubious.]

It is applied as food supplement and as food product in cases of obesity, diabetes, hypertonic disease, atherosclerosis, and allergy. Cellulose is taken for prophylaxis of tumour of large intestine and rectum, in cases of chronic constipations, cholelithic disease, diseases of kidney and liver, chemical and microbic intoxication. Children recovering from diseases and weak people can apply cellulose as fortifying drug. The maximum effect of applying is observed in summer-autumn period.

So such is the effect of cellulose which is not the medicine relieving the pain or taking away the inflammation.

Cellulose is a food supplement (sorbent) which you can take for treating and prophylaxis. And directions for its applying are based on the mechanism of its action in gastrointestinal tract.

The daily dosage given on the label is not a dogma. It is a harmful minimum. You should increase the dose gradually in order to know your individual norm.

The clinical and experimental research of people and animals, confirming the need of applying cellulose in daily ration, was made. Those researches demonstrated the potential importance of some sources of cellulose (vegetative fibers) for normal digestion and reducing of the cholesterin level in blood.

It was shown in the experimental studies that provoked colitis regresses faster due to the taking of cellulose (diet fibers).
Regulation of micro flora by reducing of сlostridia quantity and increasing of bifid bacteria quantity is one of the effects of cellulose.

Increased applying of cellulose (diet fibers) is recommended in case of predisposition of large intestine to constipations, diverticulosis and to syndrome of irritated intestines.

Among various food factors only cellulose (vegetative fibers) can influence weight of stool. Therefore increased applying of cellulose can be useful in cases of constipation or syndrome of irritated intestines when reduced applying of diet fibers is associated with low weight of stool.

The applying of cellulose can be recommended for increasing of volume of stool and reducing of intestinal pressure in cases of symptomatic uncomplicated diverticulosis.

- Jim

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