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Default Fish Oil and Garlic Thin Blood Too Much?

I am a 25 year old , overweight male with hypertension, sinusitis.

I have recently started taking 800mg of salmon oil daily and I want to add 1,000 mg of Kyolic Garlic to my regimen as well. I am also taking 10 pills of sun chlorella daily, 50 billion probiotic, 99mg chelated potassium and 1 1/2 teaspoon of Peter Gillhams Mag/Cal as well. I was taking a multi vitamin too but for some reason it was causing my feet to get cold and my legs to hurt from knee down (too much b vitamins from the chlorella and the multi)?

Would the Garlic and the Fish Oil thin my blood too much. And would the vitamin k from the chlorella help balance out the anti clotting measures of the other two? Thank you.

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I am not sure what you mean by "legs to hurt from the ankle down". Wouldn't that be your feet, or did you mean from the knee down?

I would try just taking the Calcium/Magnesium supplement alone, and see what happens.

If it is this causing the leg/feet problem, it could be Lyme Disease. Magnesium can cause it to activate, and it often resides in the feet, ankle region in large numbers.

If it is not the Magnesium, then you should use one supplement at a time, until you can determine what causes the response, and go from there.

The Allicin in Garlic is also known to kill Lyme.


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Default Blood thinning properties of fish oil, garlic

Hello JBriss,

I wouldn't sweat the fish oil as being an overly aggressive blood thinner. The amount you're taking, 800 mg. is actually a tiny dose. Garlic will tonify your blood more than thinning it.

The term blood thinning is widely misunderstood. Prescription blood thinners, as well as aspirin, have a consistently thinning effect on blood. By that I mean they'll keep on making it thinner and thinner. Food based blood thinners don't act that way.

They thin blood by lowering the amount of fibrin (a sort of blood glue) if there is too much. If there is a balanced amount of fibrin, you'll have smooth flowing blood and the platelets (red blood cells) won't get stuck together. Food source oils, herbs, and spices have a short term blood thinning effect. In the same way exercise temporarily increases blood pressure, Vitamin E, fish oil, garlic, cayenne, etc. are only temporary effects.

Follow the directions for usage on the fish oil and garlic products and you'll be alright for blood thinning.

Your thought on the chlorella helping to balance the thinning effect is correct. As long as you are eating a somewhat balanced diet (not more than 2-4 ounces of meat) and keep your dairy consumption down, your blood will usually be healthy. I'm writing this without knowing what your diet is like, so take that into consideration. You know better than I do how healthy or unhealthy your average diet is. Start there. Eat lots of whole, unprocessed plant foods. That is usually enough to enjoy good health and have good blood viscosity.

Most nutritionists, myself included, go with anywhere from 2000-5000 mg of fish oil a day. 800 mg is a really tiny amount. If you are trying to stimulate a therapeutic effect, consider doing some research on the subject to see how much is considered to be effective. Quality of the fish oil is more important than the amount. You want what's inside that gelatin capsule to be fresh, not rancid. If the fish oil is fresh, your body will use it effectively. If it's rancid, it can actually have an adverse effect. Again, research and find good quality brands. I like Barleans, Nordic Naturals, and Natural Factors.

Also consider whole food sources of EFAs like hempseeds & milled flaxseeds (such as Barleans Fortiflax).

I wish you the best in attaining optimal health.
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D Bergy will become famous soon enoughD Bergy will become famous soon enough

I would not worry about thinning the blood too much with supplements.

I have taken triple the normal dose of Krill Oil, triple doses of Ginger and Turmeric capsules, all at one time, for a few months, and never had any blood problems. They all have a slight blood thinning effect. This effect is not quite how it sounds.

What these actually do is make your blood more viscous, which is not quite the same as "thinning".

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