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Default Cheap Canned Tomato Alternatives

hello all,

me and my family are trying to start eating healthy but are on a bit of a budget; so we are trying to find cheap alternatives to canned stewed/whole tomatoes that would work well in crock pot recipes for stews, soups, and chili and not be loaded with bpa/etc.

I am sure that going with fresh tomatoes/homemade stewed tomatoes would be the best and we would love to do so; just doubt if we could afford that right now....especially with a gallon can of tomatoes at Sam's Club being about $3.50, so we need something in the middle

has anyone tried using tomato/pasta sauce in a jar as a substitue? their is a Whole Foods market in our area and the 365 brand jars of tomato/pasta sauce are not too bad of a price, certainly within our budget...however, I don't want to make entire crockpots of food and ruin the taste by taking a shot in the dark with experimenting on the canned tomato substitution.

any thoughts or expieriences would be greatly appreciated...thank you!
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So many people on a tight budget these days. I've every sympathy with you.

You could try tomato passata. That comes in a carton, not a tin. (Mind you, I'm just waiting for someone to come along and tell us these foil lined cartons are a health hazard! I can see that happening actually!!!)

I still use canned foods. I don't think we need to get too zealous about it.
At least as long as one's use is in moderation.

Now that it's out in the open I'm sure the manufacturers will be finding a BPA-free alternative before too long.
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I would try the pasta sauce. Look at the ingredients and figure on whatever is in there as changing the taste of the recipe. Be open minded and don't try to make everything taste the way you're use to it tasting. You're in for a new adventure and you'll discover new flavors that will work for you and your family. Congrats on your new discovery to make healthy food choices.
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Have you considered doing your own canning?
At farmers market you can often find a good deal on bushels of tomatoes during season.

I haven't canned tomatoes yet but I will when the time is right.
Currently I can my own beans.. I cook my beans, about 10 cans worth at one time then can them in glass mason jars.. the cost comes to about 40 cents a can as opposed to 80 to $1.20 in the store. I also buy bulk items and freeze them.. they usually require a very light steaming first... like green beans and brocholi that are saved for the winter months when fresh is not easily available ( I live way out in the boonies).. spinach you can freeze without steaming before hand.

Sometimes doing other things in a less expensive way allows you to purchase things that cost a little more.

Also watch for the case lot sales at Western Family, Smiths, Krogers etc.
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thanks for the ideas!
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