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Default Nutrient and mineral absorption

I have been having a few medical problems and my GP started with a "gasto-gram" test for stomach acid and time from stomach to small intestines. I did not understand in the beginning when he made this recommendation, as most MD's are poor at explaining what they are proposing, he was looking at my digestion for nutrient and mineral absorption so that my body could be given what it needs to help heal and absorb it, now I understand his thought process. He suggested a book..."Why stomach acid is good for you", seems like a good book and is explaining several things. This book says zinc and selenium are the two biggest minerals most are deficient in, my MD suggested digestive enzymes and HCL for now and a re-test in 4 weeks. Now that I understand his thinking I want to get started now so what is the best way to get the required vitamins and minerals and general nutrition? If the digestion process is not good as in my case, stomach acid to high and 20 minutes to empty, would liquid supplements and fresh juices be better food for my body than real food that has to be chewed and broken down further to absorb?
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With fresh juices, [as in dejuicing raw veggies and fruits], there is far less digestive secretions required from your liver and gallbladder to break down solids, therefore easier to digest & absorb the Power-house of "Living Energy" that your body needs to heal itself.
Watch the movie below for more info. on this.

The Beautiful Truth
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