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Default Wild bitter gourd improves metabolic syndrome

Wild bitter gourd improves metabolic syndrome
three, three and four capsules with their three daily meals without altering their usual dietary and exercise habit
Daily 10 capsules each 480mg Bitter MELON DRIED POWDERED (it was from a batch they grew themselves that was known to be high acting) for 3 months.

Article based on this research

This reminds me of another recent study
An opportunistic pathogen isolated from the gut of an obese human causes obesity in germfree mice
Where they used BITTER MELON and a chinese herb combined with prebiotic fibre for the obese volunteer. In this case they measured Enterobacter cloacae at the beginning and through the trial which lasted 23 weeks

I think the short 3 months trial for the first test may not be sufficiently long enough to change gut flora and establish a good gut flora particularly as they weren't using any dietary change to promote good gut flora.

You can juice bitter melon fruits, they look at bit like cucumbers. I should think they are an acquired taste?
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Not only is bitter melon bitter, but it also functions similar to insulin to drop the blood sugar. So, it can be very useful as a digestive bitter. I think you should be able to "juice" it, as I see there are juice extracts on the market. I certainly would not take any juniper berries with it. You sugar level would drop too quickly.

Bitter melon has a long history of use to prevent or counteract type-II diabetes. A scientific study at JIPMER, India has shown that bitter melon increases Insulin sensitivity it improves but not a cure for type 2 diabetes.

In the test, bitter Melon preparations given to test subjects have significantly improve glucose tolerance without Increasing blood insulin levels, and to improve fasting blood glucose levels.

Scientists have isolated four very promising bioactive compounds in bitter melon that can help control type two diabetes.

"We can now understand at a molecular level why bitter melon works as a treatment for diabetes," said David James, director of the diabetes and obesity program at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research in Sydney. He continued, "By isolating the compounds we believe to be therapeutic, we can investigate how they work together in our cells."--

- Jim

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