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Default drinking water while eating

i have been drinking water while im having ameal..some friends told me its not good for health...does it really harm you??
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I don't know if "harm" is the correct word.

If you drink water while you eat, you weaken/dilute the acid in the stomach, thus, you don't digest the food as efficiently. That is why you are supposed to drink after a meal, or about 20 minutes before.
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Plus dilute the natural enzymes in the food your eating.
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Perhaps the only really good thing to drink while eating a meal
would be some red wine.
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I've heard both sides of this story. I lean toward the no-drink side; unless it is the red wine like earlybird said. That's what the French do.

As we age, we produce less digestive acid. So, the wine would be good. Also, it would be good to get some digestive bitters, powder or liquid, and take that before meals. The bitters would have to just be tasted by the back of the tongue. So, if you get the liquid, don't bother with what the directions say. Just use a half or less dropper.

I take Trimethylglycine (TMG) before meals. This gives me plenty of acid...

...and other stuff too.
Methylation is a normal biological process that occurs in healthy human bodies every minute of every day. Methylation is an important step in the conversion of homocysteine, a damaging amino acid, into the biologically safe and beneficial amino acid, methionine. In addition, methylation is required for DNA repair, as well as for the production of SAMe, which helps maintain healthy joint tissue. Methylation can be inhibited by poor or inadequate diet and unhealthy lifestyle practices. TMG (Trimethylglycine) has been shown to be a safe and effective methyl donor for the facilitation of methylation processes. TMG supplementation has been shown in clinical and non-clinical studies to support a healthy homocysteine level, which in turn supports healthy cardiovascular function.
- Jim
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I believe it would be good for digestion if you added one teaspoon of Bragg's apple cider vinegar to the glass of water and sipped it with your meal, or any cider vinegar with the live "mother" in it.
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I drink a BIG glass of water with my meals.

Enzymes have to move from molecule to molecule to unlock them. They do this more efficiently when water is present. Chewing, enzymes, water, alkalis and acids are all important for the breakdown of absorbable molecules and digestion.
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Smile the best way

As described in historic times that drinking water during meals is not better, but if you can't leave this, then a good idea is;
drink a glass of water before meals
drink a glass in when u have finished half of your meals
and don't drink in the last, because you have to wait for at least half an hour, so that your stomach may digest your food
every comments are welcome
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