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Default chronic prostate and epididymis infection i cannot get rid of

hi everyone i am new to this site and have read several threads and decided to register in hopes that somebody would be able to help me out
, here goes im 24 yrs old male live in essex uk , when i turned 21 i developed a rare condition called pudendal neuralgia wich took 2 years to find out i had this and not something similar , the symptoms i have are neuropathic perineal left testicular and bilateral sciatica pain , frequent urination and painful arousel .

in november i out of nowhere got a painful and very deep seated epididymitis wich came with prostatitis and was probably a spread of infection from that but i was given antibiotics and the symptoms eased but didnt go away , i have taken antibiotics pretty much constant since then and the only one that helps is doxycycline - havent tried cipro tho ,

anyway i also found out i had a candida overgrowth from an allergist homeopathic doctor i went to for ibs symptoms ive had for well over a year prior to these infections and my overgrowth was so bad even my gluten wheat and diary were severe i had a vega skin test and my levels were really bad - the guy told me that prostatitis can be caused by the yeast and i went on a very very strict diet and have been on this for 6months now - ive had 2 herx or die off reaction which 1st time i thought i was gonna die that went on for 3weeks of severe diarrhea weakness tirendess ect ect and ive tried using antifungal fluconazole to treat this systemically and my prostatitis has come back so bad and re infected my tests since i stopped the fluconazole and it has done my liver and stomach lining in big time aswell ,

now i also need treatment for the very deep again infection ive bought colloidal silver and now not sure how i feel about using it as the diflucan has really done me some harm , i saw a urologist who paid absolutely no attention to me at all and actually told me i had pudendal problem not prostate when i have blaten symptoms of both i mean i have night sweats difficult urination pelvic back and stinging at the tip of my penis and nocturia about 6 times a night with red and very tender tests and groin pain wich every doctor ive seen at my local a&e and gp surgery examined me and said yes you have infection and give me antibiotics wich only help a little so im unsure if it bacterial or fungal but is defo an infection other wise i wouldnt get the epdidymitis and other symptoms that are not the same as my nerve damage ,

sorry for the rar rar but i would be greatful if someone from this site could help me out in terms of advice to do about these infections that wont go and weather i should take the colloidal silver , its a 10ppm and i not sure about dosage - i have a great gp that really tried to help me but doesnt believe in candida fungal type problems in that area . thanks
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Hey man, I just posted this on the other thread, but I will leave it here too. I tried everything from iodine, silver, mms, anti fungals, antibitiotics, anti parasitcs, fasting, etc. Following the healing plan on the site listed below is the only thing that made a difference. I am not out of the woods yet, but I have had marked improvement. Right now I have a lot of digestion issues, but I beleive it is mostly healing taking place, and I beleive digestion problems were the begining of mine and most peoples problems. Any I know how you feel man, check out the site. You have the change the way you think about disease, but it will change your life forever. Your too young to be having these kind of health issues.

I have been following the Canadida diet from this site https://www.healingnaturallybybee.com/index.php . It is actually a general healing plan that will heal all ailments of the body. It is a specific diet and vitamin regime. The website explains it all, why the drugs you are taking will never work, and why this has happened to us. This is the 6th month of I have been on this program, and I have had marked improvement. My unrination is average 400ml - 500ml. I have even been able to hold it up to 800ml on mutiple occasions. Before my need to urinate was around 200-250ml. Week by week the discomfort in that area is now getting better and better. Somedays it almost feels normal now. I don't have the burning after urination. My ejaculations or better, although I feel limiting them while healing is important. The one thing to note is it took a few months on this plan before I noticed any improvments. Then you well have a lot of bad days, especially at the begining. Alot of healing reactions, fluey like feelings, aches, you name it. She also runs a great email group with tons of people on the diet. Mostly people trying to cure candida, but its all caused by the same thing.
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