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Old 03-07-2013, 09:41 AM
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Default Any truly organic condoms? Birth control?

So I've been single for a while but gearing up for a new relationship. My last girlfriend was on birth control so I didn't wear a condom for years.. needless to say I'm not looking forward to using one again.. but more importantly I'm finding it hard to find condoms that don't contain toxic ingredients. Most of the big name brands have lubes with nasty chemicals in them.. then there are unlubed dry condoms but I bought some and noticed a white powder on them.. not sure what it is but I'd rather know then put it on my body.. incase its talc or something.. even something like corn starch probably isn't the ideal thing to put on yourself? but maybe its harmless.. I found some vegan "all natural" condoms by a company called Glyde or Sir Richards - the lube is silicone based.. I've read conflicting info on Silicone.. some people say its harmless/inert.. but at the same time, its hard to wash off and I read that it can clog pores etc. Doesn't seem completely natural to me and those condoms arent certified organic.. I cant seem to find Certified Organic condoms.. I just want a comfortable condom that is 100% organic.. I'm surprised it doesn't seem to exist. Most people don't realize how toxic brand name lubes are.. most of them contain parabens and all kinds of nasty chemicals that no one should put on or in their bodies. Anyone have any tips/advice/recommendations?

Also - any ideas for forms of birth control that aren't bad for the woman.. seems like the pill can mess with hormone levels etc.. Ive read about the natural family planning stuff where you find out when the girls fertile and avoid that time etc.. but seems like a lot of work and also means you cant have sex for some of the time.. then theres various cups and sponges you can insert into the vagina but I believe you have to use spermicide with those and the idea of putting chemicals that kill sperm anywhere near my penis or in a girls body sounds crazy to me.

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Old 03-08-2013, 01:54 PM
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Regarding birth control -

Invasive you could look into Paragard, which is a copper IUD, inserted into the uterus it doesn't change hormones, etc. Can be difficult to talk some health providers into getting if you haven't had kids (no real reason you shouldn't get one if you haven't yet had kids..). I "stretched" the truth to get one myself because hormone birth control is SCARY and for good reason.

Non-invasive would be the rhythm method (counting the days of fertility), pull-out method, abstinence. lol Unfortunately only abstinence in this case is really that reliable..
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No personal experience, but here's a page you may want to look at...https://www.habitmagazine.com/tag/organic-condom/
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