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Default Essaic & Tinnitus


This would be AWESOME if it works!!!!!
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Default I think it would work

Essiac tea is well known for curing cancer. The problem with the product today is how they process it.....is it organic? This is how herbs lost their credibility is because the cheap companies that are only in it for the $$$...they process it in the worst way, deplete all of its nutritional value and call it what-ever...ie...Cat's Claw.
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Originally Posted by 4Peanuts View Post
The problem with the product today is how they process it.....is it organic?
This is so true. You got it right. I don't like to go off topic too far from this wonderful essiac vs. tinnitus, but it bears consideration. Herbs evolved powerful, because they created chemicals to defend themselves from pests, or to attract pollinators. Makes you realize why the Amazon rain forest has been found to have many healing plants. So warm and humid. Ripe with pests.

On the other hand, how can the planet sustain 7 billion people by itself? Would you want apple juice with apple maggots mixed up in it? Or nematodes and grub worms all throughout your root veggies?
- Jim

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Purchase your essiac from a reputible company that does organics and you should have no problem.

I trust this one www.herbalhealer.com for essiac
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