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Default From Dr. Jon Barron

This infomercial, sent to me by a friend, may be helpful to diabetics, so in spite of it's advertising nature I think it belongs here.

May 22, 2006
Glucotor v.2 -- Clinically Proven
Jon Barron
Glucotor has been one of the most popular formulas that I have ever created. It is used not only by diabetics, but also by

People with minor sugar problems.
People looking to avoid problems in the future.
People looking to lose weight.
And people looking to slow down the aging process.
"I have been on several various medications for diabetes. Still, my blood sugar level was always over 200, and I was going crazy because the doctor said I was facing having to go on insulin. I even saw an endocrinologist, who just put me on a whole bunch of other pills. This was all very discouraging. But then I found Glucotor, and even though I've only been on it for ten days, my blood sugar hasn't risen above 150! I am very happy and excited about Glucotor. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Sandra S., Tappan, NY

Although not everyone who used it benefited, we found the overall numbers to be extraordinarily high and wanted to verify exactly how high they were. And the results are now in, and we were not disappointed. Fenestra Research Labs has just completed Phase I human clinical trials (sponsored by Baseline Nutritionals) on Glucotor v.2. Researchers documented that significant changes to blood sugar balance, carbohydrate metabolism, and overall well-being were seen in all subjects in this six week study without any changes in diet.

Glucometer blood draws showed an average 53.3 point improvement.
Blood Sugar balance measured an average 52% improvement for blood sugar utilization and optimization as indicated by urine analysis using the Optimal Wellness Test.
Carb metabolism showed an average 39% improvement as indicated by the Optimal Wellness Test.
The lead researcher and president of Fenestra Research, Melonie Montgomery, offered that, "You can be very proud of these numbers, I have never heard of any natural product that could lower BS numbers more than 8-15% at the most."
(edit: She needs to learn about Combetic and Eleotin, and other TCM meds!)

The study actually monitored a number of wellness factors, but certainly blood sugar reduction was a key item. The results are so stunning, I want you to see the actual sugar numbers for all 50 subjects over the 6 weeks of the trial:

Blood Sugar Week 1 Blood Sugar Week 6 Points BS Decreased
1 235 184 51
2 301 251 50
3 190 143 47
4 208 160 48
5 199 152 47
6 220 168 52
7 210 163 57
8 265 159 49
9 275 194 56
10 250 202 48
11 310 246 64
12 285 233 52
13 290 235 55
14 210 164 46
15 198 152 46
16 270 211 59
17 260 211 47
18 275 222 53
19 245 190 55
20 230 183 47
21 290 224 60
22 245 194 51
23 280 233 47
24 195 153 42
25 230 177 53
26 255 213 42
27 285 230 55
28 290 230 60
29 205 160 46
30 199 147 52
31 235 185 50
32 275 221 54
33 280 213 67
34 305 242 63
35 310 256 54
36 295 237 58
37 255 204 51
38 235 189 46
39 260 206 54
40 285 236 49
41 260 199 61
42 295 230 65
43 255 196 60
44 285 237 58
45 300 241 59
46 305 233 72
47 290 235 55
48 255 207 58
49 260 209 51
50 195 151 44

To give you a reference for the significance of these changes, let's take a look at non-fasting, random blood sugar levels -- measured without considering the last time you ate a meal, snack or beverage containing calories -- as defined on MayoClinic.com's blood sugar tests webpage:

Less than 100mg/dL (5.55 mmol/L) Normal
101 -- 199 suggests prediabetes
200 + suggests either type 1 or type 2 diabetes
Understand, that the significance of these numbers not only lies in validation of the Glucotor formula, it lies in the power it gives you to regain control of your blood sugar level or prevent it from becoming a problem in the first place -- or for that matter, just slowing down the aging process.

Blood Sugar, Carbs, and Natural Energy Production
In a perfect world, all food choices would be healthy, convenient, nature-based ways of fueling your body. That being said, the world isn't perfect, and even the best intentions and efforts to live a health conscious lifestyle are hindered because mass distribution food markets have traded nature-based foods for convenience and quick cash. And the world is suffering -- long time consumption of high sugar foods and foods that quickly turn into sugars is affecting just about everyone.

Consider that in the United States, per capita sugar consumption now averages a mind-blowing 152 pounds per person per year. This is hardly surprising, though, when you consider that virtually every packaged food contains several kinds of sugar disguised in ingredient lists as sucrose, corn syrup, fructose, and even caramel color.

As you may, or may not, know, all foods must be converted into glucose before they can be used as fuel. You have a safety mechanism to ensure that your glucose level remains relatively balanced. It works like this.

If your levels fall too low, then your brain triggers you to feel hungry, so you eat food that is turned into glucose.
If your levels rise too high, then your brain tells your pancreas to release insulin, which enters your bloodstream to clean up excess glucose.
If you are constantly eating foods that create high levels of glucose, then your body reacts by producing too much insulin (insulin over-production). Over time your body stops using insulin effectively (insulin-insensitivity), leaving behind excess glucose in the bloodstream. (By the way this turns to fat!) Plus, your pancreas begins to overcompensate by working harder and releasing even more insulin. In other words, super-refined carb-foods are converted into glucose very quickly - too quickly for health. As a result, your blood-glucose shoots up (called a "sugar-spike"). This fools your body into releasing too much insulin. In turn, the extra insulin mops up too much glucose and your level falls so low that the brain makes you feel hungry again! It's easy to see that if you eat every time your brain triggers hunger, weight gain is inevitable -- an unhealthy and exhausting cycle that can lead not only to obesity but disease.

The combination of insulin-insensitivity and insulin over-production can lead to one of two health problems:

Either, you exhaust your pancreas and you develop type 2 diabetes (previously called adult onset diabetes, obesity related diabetes, or non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus), which is characterized by body tissue resistance to insulin action, though decreased secretion of insulin can also occur. Type 2 is by far the most common form, especially in developed countries.
Or you don't develop diabetes but, instead, develop hyperinsulinism (abnormally high levels of insulin in the blood). This can cause health problems including hyperglycemia, hypoglycemia, and chronic obesity, as well as high blood pressure, high levels of triglycerides, low HDL (good) cholesterol, heart disease, and possibly some cancers.
The bottom-line is that we need to balance our blood sugar levels and increase carbohydrate metabolism. And this is just what Glucotor does for you. Let's look at some more of the study results.

Fifty subjects 18 and over with various beginning wellness levels, exercise levels, and health levels were first tested with clean bodies (they consumed no prescription drugs, no supplements, and no special diets for 1 week prior to this first intake). For each subject:

Beginning Glucometer blood sugar readings were at least 45 points away from the average recommended range for normal healthy adults.
Beginning blood sugar balance level was in the red zone meaning that it was at least 35% out of balance according to the Optimal Wellness Test.
The Optimal Wellness Analyzer is an analytical system that uses cutting edge science to evaluate health at the cellular level. Objective testing procedures are the basis for this analysis, so there is no subjective input from the tester. A computer-based software program provides printouts with cellular imbalances brought to light. The Optimal Wellness Test runs a combination of 45+ tests run on non-fasting urine and non-fasting saliva.
Beginning carbohydrate metabolism indicators were in the red zone meaning that they were at least 45% out of balance for standard wellness. (More on this later.)
This study was a randomized, actively controlled clinical trial involving six weeks of supplementation. The product used exclusively was Glucotor v.2 at the recommended dosage of 2 capsules, 10 minutes before each meal. Evaluation of blood sugar levels was performed at baseline, at the end of two weeks, at the end of four weeks, and at the end of six weeks.

Week 2 -- A Change in Protocol
One of the purposes of the study was to identify any changes in usage protocol that would enhance the efficacy of the Glucotor. After one week, 42% of the test subjects demonstrated less than expected results; so researchers backed up and looked for a significant difference -- and they found one. It turned out that the subjects who were not responding to the Glucotor had a long history of insulin compromising their systems. The biochemistry of these subjects revealed potential deficits in organ functioning (i.e. a pancreas only operating at 10-15% or weak stomach acid) that reduced the subject's ability to effectively break down the capsules and utilize the Glucotor. This information provided a key to better understanding how to use Glucotor.

Thinking Outside of the Capsule
As I have mentioned in previous newsletters, for Glucotor, the timing of the capsule breakdown is very important. The capsule has to break down before it enters your intestines, or the special fibers in the Glucotor will not block the receptor sites before the carbohydrates reach those sites in order to slow down their absorption. In other words, if the capsules don't break down in time, you will lose much of the benefit. It was agreed that the delivery method needed to be modified for those not responding.

Two optional delivery methods were implemented in order to see if it was possible to offset slow capsule breakdown in those subjects not getting optimum results.

One group removed the Glucotor from its capsules and drank it down mixed in a little water so that no capsule breakdown was required.
Another group took Hydrochloric acid (HCL) capsules along with their Glucotor capsules to aid in breaking down the capsule. (Hydrochloric acid, the component of gastric acid.)
For those already responding well, the standard protocol of 2 capsules 5-10 minutes before eating was continued.

100% Respond
After implementing these changes in delivery methods, a 100% response rate was achieved. Researchers pointed out that, "after we got a handle on what was slowing many of the participants down, the changes came quickly," further stating that they saw significant changes to blood sugar balance in all subjects in this six-week study. Again:

Overall blood sugar levels as measured by the Glucometer dropped an average 53.3 points.
Optimal Wellness Test Blood Sugar improvement averaged 52%.
It was also noted that no subjects had side effects or allergic reactions.

Beyond Blood Sugar Balance
You have no doubt heard a lot about carbs in the news, but most people actually know very little about them. Of all the foods you eat, carbohydrates are the most easily converted into glucose -- your body's preferred source of energy, and your brain's essential source of energy. The controlling mechanisms for this energy exchange are insulin and a critical molecule called adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Your cells have insulin receptors strategically located so that insulin can easily bind to them, enabling glucose to enter and be used by your cells. Once inside your cells, glucose is burned to produce heat and ATP. ATP intelligently stores and releases energy as required by your cells.

The carb metabolism numbers from the study that we looked at earlier represent a look at the ability of the ATP cycle to produce energy from the above carbohydrate mechanisms. Again, the Optimal Wellness Testing indicators for utilization and assimilation of carbohydrate metabolism indicated an overall positive Wellness improvement of 39%.

The bottom line is that this study showed that Glucotor optimizes carbohydrate metabolism so you burn fuel more efficiently and offset stored fat.

In fact: remember when I mentioned that the color zone indicators for carbohydrate metabolism at the start of the study were all in the red zone, meaning they were at least 33% out of Wellness range. At the end of the sixth week testing period all subjects had moved into the yellow and some even into the green zone of Wellness numbers. Researchers point out that these are very powerful indicators for measuring and evaluating the body's ability to burn more carbohydrates for energy instead of storing them, providing the person with more energy and less fat storage.

With this in mind, consider that at week 6 of this study there was a surprising, but not entirely unexpected result -- weight loss. 21 subjects reported at least 10 pounds of weight loss during this study. Researchers also had several reports of chocolate craving being significantly reduced and the effects of chocolate being reduced.

Life extension
Managing blood sugar levels goes a long way toward preventing the exhaustion your entire system experiences when on the roller coaster of high and low glycemic swings. The extreme stress of repeated sugar spikes exhausts and ages your body at a much faster than normal rate. Being able to balance glucose levels helps stop this damaging cycle. Interestingly enough, lowering plasma insulin levels also tends to lower body temperature and increase DHEA levels (both anti-aging markers), indicating that lowering the insulin response (which Glucotor is now proven to do) may be a prime factor in slowing down the aging process.

Optimizing carbohydrate metabolism helps to offset aging in a way similar to a low calorie diet. Caloric Restriction is the only known dietary measure capable of extending maximum lifespan, as opposed to average lifespan. Put simply, when you can eliminate stress and damage related to food intake, you live longer.

Taking Control
While Glucotor can benefit virtually everyone, achieving blood sugar control can be a life-altering phenomenon for the millions and millions of diabetics around the world -- and let's not forget the millions more who are hypoglycemic and/or borderline diabetic. According to the Center for Disease Control's 2005 National Diabetes Fact Sheet, studies in the United States and abroad have found that improved glycemic control benefits people with either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. In general, every percentage point drop in A1c blood levels reduces the risk of microvascular complications (eye, kidney, and nerve diseases) by 40%.

According to the CDC's 2005 National Diabetes Fact Sheet:

Diabetes is the leading cause of new cases of blindness among adults aged 20 to 74 years.
Diabetic retinopathy causes 12,000 to 24,000 new cases of blindness each year.
Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure, accounting for 44% of new cases in 2002.
About 60% to 70% of people with diabetes have mild to severe forms of nervous system damage. The results of such damage include impaired sensation or pain in the feet or hands, slowed digestion of food in the stomach, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other nerve problems.
Almost 30% of people with diabetes aged 40 years or older have impaired sensation in the feet (i.e., at least one area that lacks feeling).
Severe forms of diabetic nerve disease are a major contributing cause of lower-extremity amputations, in fact more than 60% of nontraumatic lower-limb amputations occur in people with diabetes.
It goes without saying that for diabetics a shift in blood sugar numbers bringing them closer to normal range is not only life changing but can in fact be lifesaving -- again, the CDC's 2005 National Diabetes Fact Sheet states that:

Heart disease and stroke account for about 65% of deaths in people with diabetes.
Adults with diabetes have heart disease death rates about 2 to 4 times higher than adults without diabetes.
The risk for stroke is 2 to 4 times higher among people with diabetes.
Don't get me wrong; I am in no way saying that Glucotor is a cure for diabetes -- merely that Phase I clinical results indicate that the precise combination of natural ingredients found in Glucotor appear worthy of closer examination.

The Formula at a Glance
For those of you that are not familiar with the Glucotor v.2, here are the ingredients:

Nopal cactus
Konjac mannan
Gymnema sylvestre
High galactomannan fenugreek extract (galactomannan content of 60-80%)
1% Corisolic Acid from Banaba Leaf
Bitter Melon (Momordica Charantia)
For even more information on how the formula was developed and what role the individual ingredients play, see www.jonbarron.org/documents/brdiabetes.htm.

This study was designed to determine the effectiveness of Glucotor in enhancing sugar metabolism without making any changes in diet or lifestyle or incorporating any other elements of the Baseline of Health program. With that said, the results were nevertheless highly encouraging and potentially life changing. The 52% average drop in blood sugar numbers is comparable to that experienced when using the prescription drug, metformin -- approximately double that seen with other "all natural" alternatives.

According to Fenestra Research Labs, this study on Glucotor v.2 has provided solid proof that using this all natural formula can help individuals gain control over any blood sugar problems they may be experiencing, or prevent them from happening in the first place.

The bottom line is that when used as directed (either in the capsule, mixed in a small glass of water, or taken with an HCL tablet) the formula may very well:

Drop dangerous blood sugar levels closer to the normal range.
Help eliminate excessive glycemic swings in those who are hypoglycemic.
Support your body's ability to burn more carbohydrates for energy instead of storing them -- providing you with more energy and less fat storage.
Prevent wear and tear on your body and potentially maximize life span in those who are healthy.
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