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Default Please Help Me Understand My Pre-Diabetes Symptoms

Hello all,

Long story short.

There is tons of diabetes in my family (the type where people need insulin).

Even when I was a late teen, I remember getting REALLY tired after I ate. Even my friends said it was weird.

Now I am 28 and just a couple pounds over weight (maybe 10 max).

I have done a bit of research regarding diabetes and know for sure that the mainstream medicine way to go is a bunch of BS.

I know how to eat low GI and that helps.

However, the thing I need the most help with is controlling portions! Ever time I eat, I get this insatiable appetite to eat something sweet & starchy! I can be completely full from a meal, but then want to dive into a bunch of starchy sweets that I don't crave any other time! What is going on with my blood sugar and how do I prevent this?
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L-Glutamine will help with cravings for carbs and sweets. I recommend NOW brand L-Glutamine Powder. Other supplements that may be helpful are Chromium Picolinate and Bitter Melon.

Eat on smaller plates and be mindful about your portion control. Drink a full glass of water before meals will help. Psyllium husks before meals will help to fill you us so you don't eat too much.

Saved1986 has suggested sipping cinnamon stick tea throughout the day to control blood sugar levels.
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Old 01-11-2013, 07:06 PM
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There are some people, myself included, who believe lots of health issues occur because of a nutrient deficiency. I don't know if type 1 diabetes is caused by a deficiency, however, it is starting to look that way.

My advice would be to keep track of your blood sugar readings, and do some diet changes. This would include cutting out all sugary drinks, even fruit drinks, cutting out sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and baked goods including anything made from white flour. Fresh vegetables and vegetable juices would be beneficial and I would also suggest researching doctor joel wallach on youtube. He is not your average doctor.
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Look into Gymnema Sylvestre... it is called the "sugar destroyer". It will actually help to curb your sugar cravings. It is quite an amazing and important herb for diabetics. I buy it in bulk and if I put some of the powder in my mouth and swallow with some water, it will actually alter my taste buds so that the sweetness cannot be tasted as well.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that our gut flora plays a big role in our cravings. If you were to go on a low carb diet, with limited sugar/carbs (similar to paleo diet), then your gut flora would definitely change. You would have a lot less gut bacteria telling your brain that it wants sweets! But this process takes about 2 weeks.
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