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Default Using Tags

Please, when you post some important information put some tags in for it. You find a place to enter tags at the bottom of the page. Then the next guy who is looking for info on that topic can pull up all related posts easily.

If a tag, say, cholesterol is entered only once on one thread, then all posts with that word will come up.
"Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth." Marcus Aurelius
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Thanks, Arrow. Tag is a very helpful feature, here is a short guide I wrote: How to use tags.
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Arrow Using Tags for Searches

I've noticed also that many threads with valuable information do not include "tags", making them hard to find for future reference by both the original poster and forum readers.

If you post a thread for example, about beet juice and heart benefits, you can and should add tags related to the post for future searching ease. You'll see at the bottom of your thread/post, a section to add "tags". In this case, they might be 'beets, hypertension, arteries, plaque'.

Using "tags" as a search tool benefits all of our members and visitors. Any member can add tags to an existing thread, just click on "edit tags".
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Thumbs up Tags for easier searches

Just a friendly reminder...adding a tag or tags to your thread will make it easier to locate posts when searching for information.
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The whole point of posting to this forum is to explain to others why eating/living naturally is healthier.
Globally the rise in illness is not sustainable.
Sure we are all living longer but we are doing that at the expense of Quality of Life.
Spending an extra 7 yrs in a care home for the demented MAY be a triumph of modern medicine and I'm sure some people applaud the skills require to keep people in a vegetative state alive for 20yrs or more.

If you want a living death then you are welcome to it.

I think we need to do everything in our power to show other how we can with a few simple modifications to our diet/lifestyle changes increase the years of active, mentally and physically fit enjoyable life. We can all copy the example of Healthy Fellow

We can be proud of what we are doing here and encourage others by ensuring our threads include tags so others can join us.
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Thumbs up Bump --

Will try to remember, because they DO help find information much quicker. I just tend to forget...prolly due to can't remember where I put memory boosting supplements...AGAIN! and
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