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Exclamation Now this one should make you MAD!

https://www.seniorsleague.org First article!

Affects Social Security/Seniors/Immigrants!
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well, if they are given amnesty then they are no longer illegal, no?

and they have been paying into social security a fair amount of them and if they have not been then they soon will be.

What the hell. Just print more money!
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Thumbs down

Sorry, I can't take it so lightly! Soc Sec and Medicare are already now under funded, due to the bad economy.
Funds that were due to run out some years from now, are already in jeopardy, no increase this year and none for 2011.
Ask anyone living on Soc Sec alone and they're NOT making ends meet as it is. This affects everyone now on Soc Sec - your parents/grandparents, other family members perhaps.
Giving amnesty to present illegals is a bad idea IMO.
And printing more money really Not a joke.
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Obviously many people are now dependent on SS. But how did it all start?
Originally SS was to provide only a supplemental income to your individual savings.
At that time there was concern about everyone being given a tracking number. But they were promised that this number would only be used by SS and no one else. Obviously it didn�t take long before that promise was broken.

SS was sold to the public as be away for government to �help the little guy�. But the reality was that it was nothing more then a new way to tax the people. This is the way it worked everyone was asked to contribute to the SS fund, of course you were not allowed to say no. Never the less when you reached 65 you would be entitled to receive a SS check. It sounded like a pretty good deal to the average person. But the politicians of the time know that the average person would die before reaching 65. Thus everything those individuals paid in would never have to be paid out.

Later on as new politicians came along they looked at SS as a way to buy votes by promising better benefits and new programs. With a growing economy and 14-15 people paying into the system for everyone receiving a check there was plenty of money. To circumvent people�s fear that the money might not be there for them they were told that SS money could not be used for any other program. Naturally this didn�t stop the politicians from getting their hands on it. So rather then just take the excess money outright they barrowed it as a loan with the promise to pay it back.

Now with our current recession/depression SS is taking in less money then it is paying out. So now one might think it would be a good time to start calling in some of these loans. Except congress has spent the money and is essentially broke. Like oops!! I think we have a problem here.

How will congress fix this oh perhaps reduce payment and programs, and rise the retirement age. Get SS back to where it started out were more people will do the patriot thing and die before becoming eligible for SS.
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It's a Sad Fact that many Female Seniors have no other income but SS. They
collect on their deceased husband's financial records, or if never married they
collect on their own. If married, the marriage had to have lasted 20 years
minimum. Most women of SS age lived during a time when men worked outside of the home
but the women stayed home and took care of the children. I know several women personally who
survive on their SS income alone, - 2 of them due to having been married to
physically abusive husbands. They don't need to have their future income jeopardized by illegals or freeloaders.
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AMEN Sista!!
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