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Lightbulb B-12 for Alzheimer's Disease

An article about the use of vitamin B-12 for the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer's and dementia.

Go ahead and tell someone that they should give their loved one, who is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease (AD) or Dementia, a dose of vitamin B12 that is 300 times the recommended daily intake, and they'll probably cover their ears and run the other way or tell you they are afraid of "overdosing."

Alzheimer's is a degenerative disease, which may have its beginnings rooting from a deficiency of vitamin B-12. Humans are born with serum levels of B-12 at about 2,000 pg/ml. This level often declines steadily throughout life, giving "credit" to common Western diet.

If consumers and natural medicine advocates can keep an open mind when addressing AD, we give our loved ones a fair chance at stopping AD in its tracks and possibly reversing dementia, and according to recent research, the earlier you address the problem, the better fighting chance you have of reducing or even defeating it.

In the early 1980's, my grandmother Esther began showing signs and symptoms of dementia. At the time, I was about 13 years old, and when my parents brought me to visit her at my Aunt's home, my grandmother barely recognized me.

My father said she was having problems with her memory, and then she actually walked us into a bathroom as she offered to show us her "bedroom." Within two years, she did not recognize even her closest family members, including her husband. It was a total nightmare for the entire family, and Grandma Ester lived liked this for over ten years.

Could vitamin B-12 have been the remedy? I wish we had known about it then so we could have tried it. So clear the clouds of doubt you have about vitamin B-12. If it can't hurt, and can only help, why wouldn't you try it?

It's water soluble, so if you take "too much," your body will simply excrete the excess. There are no proven side effects. So, if a simple at home nutritional program could actually save your loved one from a degenerative disease that is considered "worse than death," why wouldn't you try it?

More informaion about Alzheimer's Disease and Vitamin B12...


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Although there are probably several reasons for Alzheimer's, I wonder how many victims are B12 deficient vegetarians.
- Jim
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A number of researchers over the years have accused deficiency in B vitamins for all kinds of mental disorders.

When I traveled in Mexico this year I was prescribed B12 for an inflammatory and pain issue. I was given injections, self applied, of B12 10mg once a week. After 3 doses I stopped as the condition was resloved.

The monthly dose most doctors prescribe is 1mg injection. You see the difference in application dosage? It is absolutely huge!

this is the product that I used, available on line. Read what it is recommended for under the product picture:

So in the USA we are douped into fearing vitamins while other nations use them freely... yet people will pump dangerous drugs in with their doctors recommendations without batting an eyelash
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So true....Doctors and Pharm. Co's in sync with it all, I would like to actually take a course to learn more about herbs, etc. Just, my ADD brain doesn't retain, lol. I recently was 'researching' about B12 myself, everyone I know on FB probably thinks I'm nutty, cuz I post my research on there a lot, B12, being a recent one, and I even make comments to my own self, ha ha. anyways, I would like an opinion, you are talking B12 injections, isn't there such a thing as B12 a person can squirt into their nostrils? Thought somewhere along the line I'd heard of that, I've been meaning to talk to a natural foods store, etc. just work too much for right now.
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