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Arrow SAM-e For Depression

Here's an article about the recommendation of SAM-e for depression by Dr. Andrew Weil. In a recent TV show, he also recommended the herb Ashwagandha for depression/mood.


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Here is what I've posted before abour SAM-E.

The Amino Acid, Methionine, is the basic building block for the creation of the single most important Transfer Molecule commonly called SAM-e. SAM-e takes its Methyl Group and transports it all over the body. In over 400 situations, SAM-e gives up its Methyl Group causing a chemical reaction to be turned on. While each and every one of these 400 events is probably critical to life, only a few have been analyzed.

Critical to understanding the "Dance of the Methyl Groups" is understanding what happens when SAM-e gives up its Methyl Group. Upon release of the four atoms, SAM-e is converted into Homocysteine. And, as good as SAM-e is, Homocysteine is bad. Before discussing why Homocysteine is damaging to the body, we need to see how the magical architect of the human body, designed a way in which to convert the dangerous Homocysteine back into the lovable SAM-e by way of the Amino Acid Methionine.

Instead of spending so much money to supplement SAM-e, it would be even better to use Trimethylglycine (TMG). TMG assists a huge number of methylation processes in the body. TMG also helps to form hormones. TMG or other methyl donors, B vitamins (B6, B12, folate), and zinc are all required for the production of stomach acid. TMG is a good choice for the liver and digestion.

It is a methyl donor, which means it gives up methyl groups to help the body in the manufacturing of other substances such as neurotransmitters, hormones, stomach acid, cartilage, etc. Methyl groups also help with DNA repair, lowers inflammatory homocysteine, helps with osmotic regulation, boosts energy and immunity, help with oxygen utilization and lowers lactic acid, etc.

So, to help these critical methyl processes, consider supplementing with TMG.

TMG is produced in the body. Supplemental TMG is derived from beet leaves.

TMG is also the best choice to help improve stomach acid before a meal.
- Jim
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Yes, sam-e can be effective but sometimes the dosages required are so high that it is not feasible for many people and of course insurance will not cover it.

Correct the digestion as well as the diet, administer probiotics and the correct vitamins and provide supportive counseling and exercise and the vast majority of depression cases will heal
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