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Default dosage for carbo vegetabilis

My 24yr old daughter is suffering from depression, along with alot of back/knee pain problems.. Recently I ran across an article that I had printed out, about herbs effective for treating muscles and tendons, from someplace called essential wellness....On the last page of the article, it talks about carbo vegetabilis being used for depression, but it ended up helping a lady with back pain..something about the herb being a blood stagnation remedy..... We are getting desperate here....The doctors cant find anything wrong with the daughters back or knee, but do confess to seeing swelling... they are now recommending physical therapy.... I suggested that she try the carbo vegi, and her chiro thought it might be worth a try.... but he didnt give her a dosage.... the bottle says to use 5 pills 3 times daily, but thats the remedy for stomach gas????? Would she need to take this same dosage, or would she need to take more? The Chiro also recommended The 5htp...stuff. I know its been discussed here, and told her that I had read good things, and told her to go ahead and take that also.... but, he didnt tell her whether to take it in the morning or evening, or what.... since it has B6 in it, wouldnt it be better for her to take it in the morning instead of before bed? He also recommended that she take pine (oil I think?) He did the testing, and felt that it was an extreme need.... His office had run out, and the place he sent her to was also out.... Im trying to find it, but I am curious about it.... Has anyone ever heard of it, or have you used it before???? I am checking the herberpedia now....
thanks for the help gang... I appreciate it alot!!! Wish Lady Jo was here, she would be able to tell me which pressure points to hit!!!!! Hope she and hers are ok!!!!
God is and all is well
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Pine is a bach flower remedy
Bach Flower Remedies Pine (20 ml) - Smartbomb.com

is for people who blame themselves for something they feel they have done in the past, some neglect of a parent, some fault in themselves, something they have left undone, and for those who reproach themselves that, even though they may have been successful in their work, they should have done better. They are never, as Dr Bach writes in "The Twelve Healers", content with their own efforts or the results. They also at times tend to claim responsibility for the mistakes made by others.

They are perfectionists and set themselves high standards, and this may cause them to over-work and strain to do better, and when the strain becomes too much for the physical body, they blame themselves for the ensuing illness as they feel they are failing in their duty to others, to their work and the family responsibilities. This guilt-complex takes so much of the joy out of their lives and they become despondent and begin to despair. They can often feel so guilty about some minor matter that these thoughts fill their minds and they are always asking for forgiveness.

Dr Bach said that this feeling of guilt and self-reproach was a waste of time, for the faults of the past are but experiences to teach us not to make the same mistakes again. A lesson once learnt will guide us happily through any same experience in the future. The positive aspect of Pine is seen in those who acknowledge their faults but do not waste time dwelling on them, having learnt from them to avoid repetition. They are those who are willing to take responsibility and bear the burdens of others if it will truly help them, but having the wisdom to know this is not always the best way of helping. They have great powers of perseverance and are humble about these gifts.
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Carbo veg....is that a homeopathic remedy?
if so tell me what it says on the bottle about potency. is it 6x, 6c, 30c, 200c?
Why she would receive this for back and knee pain is the question! unless it has been specifically selected according to her constitution then it may work. Carbo veg may help back pain according to my book but she would have to have some of the other symptoms that the remedy carries. How many times a day depends on the potency and how similar the remedy is to the disease.

I myself have been dealing with back pain of unknown origin over the past 8 weeks. Read the last post on this thread:

I would take the 5htp about 1/2 to 1 hour before bed. It may be very helpful.

if there is an inflammatory process going on, and of course there is because of swelling, she needs to do anti-inflammatory meds. Did she get checked for RA? Has she done MMS? CMO is good sometimes for swelling related to RA or osteoarthiritis.


Some very gentle exercise has helped me with my current issue along with DMSO and serrapeptase. I think I had an injury but just don't remember how or when.
Please be advised
I advocate all health blogs linked to NMT.
Read them and explore MMS and CS.
It may be the best chance that you have to heal yourself
of long term and chronic illness.
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