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Default Beyond Scarcity and Greed - local currency


BERNARD : That's right. While economic textbooks claim that people and corporations are competing for markets and resources, I claim that in reality they are competing for money - using markets and resources to do so. So designing new money systems really amounts to redesigning the target that orients much human effort.
Furthermore, I believe that greed and competition are not a result of immutable human temperament; I have come to the conclusion that greed and fear of scarcity are in fact being continuously created and amplified as a direct result of the kind of money we are using.

For example, we can produce more than enough food to feed everybody, and there is definitely enough work for everybody in the world, but there is clearly not enough money to pay for it all. The scarcity is in our national currencies. In fact, the job of central banks is to create and maintain that currency scarcity. The direct consequence is that we have to fight with each other in order to survive
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There are lots of examples of these artificial shortages.
With peak oil we were told we were running out of oil, but now we are seeing that we have more oil then we know what to do with.
Gold is expensive because there is only a limited amount, yet �off the books� there is ten times the amount of gold then is publicly claimed. Also it is reported that China has an equal or greater to this that has not yet been mined.
Diamonds are another thing that is said to be expensive because of their scarcity, but if one knows where to look they are quite plentiful, in reality they are more like a semi-precious stone. But the major diamond brokers limit the number of diamonds to the market thus holding their price up.

It is all about control.
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