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Default i definitely need some advice for my insulin resistance.

well, i found out about a year ago that i have insulin resistence. they put me on birth control, hated it, stopped taking it, was put on metformin, which i also hated...anyway, since then (this was around thanksgiving of 2009) i've lost ten pounds and i am HAPPY! i weigh 234 now. (: i know that seems like a lot, and it is, but i don't look it somehow. i guess its just how my body's built.

actually, let me take that back...i DID look it. i recently started birth control again because i hadn't had a period in 8 months. i started one on july 10th, ended it the 16th, and started the birth control the next day. it was loestrin24FE. it's only been a week that i've been on it, but i HATE IT!!!!! i can feel my body going out of whack again. i can feel my emotions getting all screwed up and i am increasingly irritable. and what do you know, i've gained about eight pounds RIGHT BACK! i cannot STAND this! i worked SO hard to lose that weight and i am infuriated that it has came back within a week!

tomorrow, i have a doctor's appointment. i'm going to have an ultrasound to conclude whether or not i actually have cysts on my ovaries, or if my problem is solely hormonal. anyways, i didn't take my pill tonight because i looked at myself in the mirror and wanted to cry! i'd lost almost all of my double chin and thinned out even with losing a mere 10 pounds, and now it's returned. i am planning on asking my doctor to just let me switch back onto the metformin again, because i want to nail my problem at the core! but i'm afraid i'll be told to hold it out with the birth control, and i really don't want to...

are there any helpers or remedies that anyone knows of that can help with insulin resistance even if i'm basically told no about the metformin? i've been dieting and exercising, but with insulin resistance, it's a very slow process to lose the weight, and it just makes it that much harder. any weight loss helpers as well? i've read that a low-carb diet is also very helpful too, and a dieting book called the Carbohydrate Addict's diet is really good, so I'm going to check that out as well.

As a side note, I'm 16 years old, 234 (or NORMALLY am), and 5'6". I love my fruits and vegetables, and I don't exactly count calories, but I know I'm getting around 2000 - 2300 in an average day. I work out for 30 minutes typically around 3 times a week.

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Oh Dear, there are so many things you can do but you must get away from these doctors who are guiding you and find someone who really knows how to fix this situation. When you do they will tell you this:

You can correct your metabolic imbalance though a change in diet. Get the book Protien Power by DRs Eades, (man and wife) Study it. Elimate carbohydrates from your diet unless it is in the form of green veggies.

Find a medical doctor or a licensed naturopath (if your state has them and only a licensed natuopath can write prescriptons for natural compounded hormones.) and get yourself on natural hormonal replacement. There are also herbs that may help you restore balance in the hormonal arena. If you are using hormones for birth control I strongly suggest you go to another method like the new IUD they are having pretty good success with or diaphram, spermacide and condoms in combination. The safest for the health of your body is the diaphram combo.

You also severely need iodine and vitamin 3 supplementation. If you do a forum search here you will find articles on these topics and you will start to learn why this is so terribly important, and especially the relationship of iodine to your ovaries and uterus and your overall reproductive health. Iodine will also help to retore emotional balance though the other balancing mechinisms it provides.

You can get past this. You need to educate yourself fully in areas that your physican does not know about.
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