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Default Ovarian Cyst and Problems

Hello everyone,

For the past year I have been having painful ovarian cyst ruptures. I had one last month even on my trip to Canada ended up in the ER and at the time they didn't know what it was, they thought a UTI. I was peeing every minute, chronic pelvic pain, etc. I came back home and discovered through a transvaginal xray that there was free pelvic fluid indicating that I have been having ruptures. Now fast forward to now the doctor put me on birth control to help with the cyst- it is not being used for sexual relation just to prevent the cyst. My cycle was always regular. I don't have endometriosis or PCOS.

I am still cramping in my lower pelvic and I have sore breast almost burning really if you just touch them it hurts, but there is no cyst present so I guess this is some sort of hormonal pains. I have only been on the birth control a month. My hormones seem to be really out of whack for I have started to get some acne and a vaginal yeast infection. Something else really strange I am burping a lot and gassy but mostly only at night. I don't know if this is hormone related or if BC can do that or I'm getting reflux or something. Can anyone help me with what to do to prevent cyst or help any of my problems? Thank you.

*28 yrs old.
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The only herb I've heard of for shrinking ovarian cysts is False Unicorn, and it has to be used for months before noticing any improvement. I would definitely research any side-effects or drug interactions before trying this herb.

Something that will help with the pain is White Willow Bark, if taken on a daily basis.


If it's heartburn you're experiencing at night, a small glass of Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice may help. A small amount of baking soda mixed with water is another option. Avoid sleeping on your right side also.
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Not sure if this works due to my lack of ovaries, but there are a few people who recommend Iodine for this type of thing.

Resolution of cysts Iodine therapy resolves nearly every case of breast cysts. This treatment also can heal ovarian cysts and works well on skin cysts when rubbed over the cyst.



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Yes, Lugol's iodine therapy. Go to www.healthsalon.org and read every article I have posted there on iodine. Do a blog search for iodine, at least 10 articles will come up. Learn it and understand it before you proceed.

Later today I will attach some articles to a new post on this thread that may be helpful to you.

Also, find a doctor that can do bioidentical hormone replacement, in your case perferably a gynocologist..

Take the lugols and coat your breast tissue with it also. Look also at the article on the blog about castor oil. search castor oil in the search feature.
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Thanks everyone. I got some Ashoka and Shatavari helps hormones and gyno issues, and Amalaki for acidity from a close friend who's from India. I'll let you know how it goes.
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Hello, about 2 years ago I have having some trouble with ovarian cysts. My doctor really wasn't much help and suggested if they continued to give me trouble I may need to have surgery. Well the last thing I wanted was surgery so I visited my mum who suggested Vitex Fruit/Chasteberry. She told me it would take some time to work so I had to be patient. I used vitex for 6 months and my pains went away. So it did take some time to really kick in but I have to say it works. I have now lowered my dosage and take one a day. It's a great herb for shrinking ovarian cysts.
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