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Smile Cranberry Spice Cookies

Looks like a healthy recipe for holiday cookies...Full article including informational links: https://www.healthyfellow.com/964/cra...cipe/#more-964


Last month I posted a recipe for Healthy Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies. The cookies were such a hit with family, friends and readers that I decided to experiment making other cookies using the same core ingredients. Today, I want to share one of my newest cookie creations as it’s particularly well suited for Thanksgiving.

Cranberries and pumpkin spice are traditional ingredients that almost always make their way onto Thanksgiving day menus. They’re also the two new ingredients in today’s recipe, taking the place of dark chocolate chips.

To be precise, this news recipe calls for 2/3 cup of dried, organic cranberries, 1/2 tsp of organic pumpkin spice powder and no chocolate chips. Why cranberries? Cranberries truly live up to the description of a “super fruit”. Like most other fruits, they do contain some natural sugar. However, select phytochemicals in cranberries actually lower blood sugar and insulin and may reduce the likelihood of damage caused by hyperglycemia or high blood sugar. This makes them an excellent candidate for those with or at risk for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. These tart berries are also a valuable addition to diets geared toward cardiovascular health. I’ve gone so far as to recommend pure, unsweetened cranberry juice for those who can’t drink red wine because it imparts similar health benefits.

Another difference between cranberries and other sources of sugar is that they may protect gums and teeth, rather than causing decay. In part, they accomplish this by limiting the formation of cavity and gingivitis causing bacteria such as P. gingivalis and S. mutans. There’s even a serious push underway to confirm whether cranberries protect against a variety of cancers by inhibiting “cellular invasion and migration” and initiating cancer cell death (apoptosis). I could go on and on about the huge promise of this tiny, crimson berry. But, for now, I think I’ll back away from the science and just let you know that these cookies are really delicious too.

Nutritional Content: Calories: 175. Protein: 4 grams. Fat: 14 grams. Fiber: 2 grams. “Net” Carbohydrates: 6 grams. Makes 12 cookies per batch.

Note: I tested my blood sugar prior to and one hour after eating two of these cookies with a glass of unsweetened, vanilla almond milk. My blood sugar actually dropped by 3 mg/dL! Prior testing using my Healthy Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies resulted in an inconsequential rise in blood sugar of 2 mg/dL.
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