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Must Read Ozone Sites

Medical use of Ozone by Dr Saul Presman https://www.ozonio.com.br/medical.htm

OZONE IN MEDICINE DR. SUNNEN https://www.triroc.com/sunnen/topics/ozonemed.htm
Dr Sunnen's bio.

this site compiles all the info accumulated on Saul Pressmans forum

a company in New Zealand that sells equipment. They also have a clinic that uses ozone and rife.




ozone therapy references https://www.otsoniterapia.net/viitteet.htm


This site sells good ozone equipment and accessories.


Ed Mccabe & Ozone Therapy - A History & References Article

Magellons and Ozone https://www.the-o-zone.cc/clintrial01.html


Longevity Resources https://www.ozonegenerator.com/Main/downloads.htm
This is the ozone machine I have. It is excellent.



Get Ed McCabes book "Flood Your Body with Oxygen" at www.amazon.com
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Here is a pdf book about the oxadative therapies with extensive references.
If you had any doubt this should erase it. Every family should have an ozone gernerator to prevent chronic disease.

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Medical ozone therapy is recognized in Bulgaria, Cuba, Czech Republic, French, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Romania and Russia. It is currently used legally in 16 Nations. Eleven in the USA like AK, CO, GA, MN, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, SC and WA have already passed access-type bills to ensure that alternative therapies are available to consumers. Physicians here can legally use it and other safe effective non-conventional treatments as an alternative treatment in their practice without being persecuted.

Efforts are also underway in CA, DE, FL, KY, NJ, MA, MO, VA and WY to pass similar legislation. The bill HR-1964/S1378 will provide greater access to our health freedoms allowed by our federal government.
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

I have been suffering from chronic fatigue related symptoms for
twelve years. My symptoms started with vertigo, difficulty
maintaining sleep, decreased energy levels and grew into extreme
lethargy, brain fog, leaky gut syndrome, food allergies with severe
nasal congestion, non-refreshing sleep along with continued
difficulty maintaining sleep. During this time, I saw over 15
medical specialists, had nasal surgery, four sleep studies, seen
several psychologists & psychiatrists, tried many medications, and
was discarded as psychosomatic and just a tough nut to crack.

I then saw a chiropractor that finally diagnosed my condition and
stated she had never seen a condition as advanced as mine. This was
at the tail end of seeing numerous MD specialists without any
inkling of a diagnosis or improvement to my medical condition. I
was diagnosed as having systemic Candida, Epstein-barr virus, leaky-
gut syndrome, identification of over ten food allergies using the
Elisa-Act food intolerance test, and a suppressed immune system.

>From this diagnosis, I began a nutritional supplement based
bowel cleansing program and restricted my diet to avoid certain food
Initial die-off symptoms were quite severe and some progress was
made. I maintained this program for two years with some but limited
success. I could tell that my body was not able to utilize the
supplements that I was ingesting and was having difficulty

After reading many Candida, Epstein-barr, and chronic fatigue
related books, I came across activated oxygen related therapies. I
read "Flood Your Body with Oxygen" and educated myself on the
potential benefits of this type of therapy and decided to try it and
move away from my stalled out supplement based therapy program.

I contacted (name delated for confidentiality) and immediately purchased an ozone generator
and his consultation services. My wife was also suffering with
similar symptoms described above. We began with his fasting
protocol and then went directly into ear and anal insufflation.
After several weeks we could start to see some benefit of the ozone
therapy. We noticed slightly more energy and more regular stools.
Over then next several months of continuing the ear and anal
insufflation in gradually increasing concentrations, we noticed
increased energy, softening of the hands, and for the first time in
nearly ten years soft hair again. Before our hair was wirey and
stiff but was now silky smooth and soft. We also purchased a sauna
and a rebounder which significantly improved our rate of

Several months later, to further accelerate the recovery program, I
started direct IV. This was a more difficult protocol to perfect
but soon became a part of my daily routine. I initially had
problems setting the needle but learned a few tricks and began
injecting around 75ml once a day at a concentration of 27ug/ml. I
immediately began to experienced increasing rates of die-off and
found it necessary to go into the sauna much more
frequently. I also found it necessary to rotate injection
locations and to
supplement with magnesium oratate.

It has now been seven months since I started Peter's ozone protocol
and am performing direct IV two times a day in the sauna to save
time in amounts of 600-700ml at a concentration of 50ug/ml. With
this level of ozone intake, I can weekly experience the
improving "peeling of the onion" effect of detoxifying my body. I
have much improved energy, less brain fog, much softer skin and
hair, a much improved outlook on life, and less impact of food
selections on my health. I had several cysts on my body that have
nearly disappeared completely. I predict a wart on my right knee
will be gone in another month.

The body has an incredible ability to store up toxins to keep the
body going. But I had definitely reached the limit over the twelve
years since I first experienced some of the mentioned symptoms. I
feel the area of remaining concentration is my intestines and have
been taking an ozone pill with each meal for several weeks now. I
made some ozone cream by bubbling ozone through virgin olive oil and
put it into vegetable capsules and take it orally before each meal.
I tried two or three capsules right away and noticed severe die-off
symptoms and was forced to come back down to one capsule per meal.

After suffering from chronic fatigue for over twelve years now, I
know there is no quick fix solution. But after trying the
nutritional supplement based program for two years and then the
ozone therapy program for six months, there is not comparison as to
the rate of progress and the confidence in once again regaining my
health. I highly recommend (Name) and his ozone therapy protocol and
greatly appreciate his consultation through the whole process. He
makes incredible time for his patients and is one of the most
knowledgeable individuals on ozone therapy in the world.

DP [pfeiffer@...]
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Arrow -- You have piqued my interest in ozone therapies. I finally purchased Ed McCabe's book and am now on chapter 4, I think. I find it very fascinating.

My husband has been suffering with a rare neurological disorder and has been really declining the last 6-8 months, in spite of seeing several ACAM doctors, taking supplements, diet, colon hydrotherapy, glutathione iv injections, etc..., even 4 hydrogen peroxide infusions (which didn't seem to help at all).

As I said, I've just begun reading the book, but am wondering if we will be able to find affordable (and existing) oxygen therapies, other than the simple things we can do at home. We do have a far-infrared sauna and he has not been using that, due to being heat intolerant. Although the latest doc we are seeing, said to re-introduce him again in very short time increments.

I know a little of the peroxide therapies, such as ingesting it, used with enemas, and bathing with it. It seems, from the little I have read on this forum and elsewhere, however, that ozone use is more powerful. I'm not a nurse and can't see myself doing iv injections. I wonder if there is a way to use a generator with our infrared sauna? I know you brought this question up in the past... Do you know any more about it?

My questions may be a little premature, as I still have much of the book to read. I sure hope there are several therapies we can do successfully at home -- and more importantly, that they help my husband.

We also consulted with a doctor that recommended we try hyperbaric. The travel and the cost seem prohibitive, especially since it may take up to 20 treatments before we even see results, if any....

Anyway, you got my attention on oxygen therapies. I can't wait to get home and read more...

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Default Ozone in the Human Body

Press Release

Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute Make Strides in
Addressing Mysteries of Ozone in the Human Body

La Jolla, CA. February 27, 2003 - In what is a first for biology, a
team of investigators at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) is
reporting that the human body makes ozone.

Led by TSRI President Richard Lerner, M.D. and Associate Professor in
the Department of Chemistry Paul Wentworth, Jr, Ph.D., who made the
original discovery, the team has been slowly gathering evidence over
the last few years that the human body produces the reactive gas -
most famous as the ultraviolet ray-absorbing component of the ozone
layer - as part of a mechanism to protect it from bacteria and fungi.

"Ozone was a big surprise," says TSRI Professor Bernard Babior, M.D.,
Ph.D. "But it seems that biological systems manufacture ozone, and
that ozone has an effect on those biological systems."

Now, in an important development in this unfolding story, Babior,
Wentworth, and their TSRI colleagues report in an upcoming issue of
the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that the
ozone appears to be produced in a process involving human immune
cells known as neutrophils and human immune proteins known as

"It is a tremendously efficient chemical and biological process,"
says Wentworth, who adds that the presence of ozone in the human body
may be linked to inflammation, and therefore this work may have
tremendous ramifications for treating inflammatory diseases.

The Ozone Hole in Each One of Us

Ozone is a reactive form of oxygen that exists naturally as a trace
gas in the atmosphere. It is perhaps best known for its crucial role
absorbing ultraviolet radiation in the stratosphere, where it is
concentrated in a so-called ozone layer, protecting life on earth
from solar radiation. Ozone is also a familiar component of air in
industrial and urban settings where the gas is a hazardous component
of smog. However, ozone has never before been detected in biology.

Two years ago, Lerner and Wentworth demonstrated that antibodies are
able to produce ozone and other chemical oxidants when they are fed a
reactive form of oxygen called singlet oxygen. And late last year,
Lerner, Wentworth, and Babior demonstrated that the oxidants produced
by antibodies can destroy bacteria by poking holes in their cell

This was a completely unexpected development, since for the last 100
years, immunologists believed that antibodies - proteins secreted
into the blood by the immune system - acted only to recognize foreign
pathogens and attract lethal "effector" immune cells to the site of

Questions, Answers, and More Questions

The question still remained, however, as to how the antibodies were
making the ozone. The TSRI team knew that in order to make the ozone
and other highly reactive oxidants, the antibodies had to use a
starting material known as singlet oxygen, a rare, excited form of

Now Babior and Wentworth believe they have found where the singlet
oxygen comes from - one of the effector immune cells called
neutrophils which are little cellular factories that produce singlet
oxygen and other oxidants. During an immune response, the neutrophils
engulf and destroy bacteria and fungi by blasting them with these

The work of the TSRI scientists suggests that the antibacterial
effect of neutrophils is enhanced by antibodies. In addition to
killing the bacteria themselves, the neutrophils feed singlet oxygen
to the antibodies, which convert it into ozone, adding weapons to the

"This is really something new, and there are a million questions
[that follow]," says Babior. "What does the ozone do to the body's
proteins and nucleic acids? Can neutrophils make ozone without the
antibodies? Is ozone made by other cells? How long does ozone last in
the body? And, most importantly, how will these discoveries help to
cure disease?"

The research team continues to investigate.

The article, "Investigating antibody-catalyzed ozone generation by
human neutrophils," is authored by Bernard M. Babior, Cindy Takeuchi,
Julie Ruedi, Abel Gutierrez, and Paul Wentworth, Jr. The article will
be available online this week at: https://www.pnas.org/cgi/doi/1
0.1073/pnas.0530 251100, and it will be published in an upcoming
issue of the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of
Sciences .

The research was funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH),
through research grants and through a training grant; and by The
Skaggs Institute for Research.


For more information contact:
Jason Bardi
10550 North Torrey Pines Road
La Jolla, California 92037

Tel: 858.784.9254
Fax: 858.784.8118
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Default Ozone and Stem Cell Hospital in Mexico

November 22nd 2006
International Ozone News:
Grand Opening New IV Ozone Hospital Special
Announcing the opening of a new ozone hospital. Specializing in treating cancer (and other things) integrating IV and other ozone with cutting edge stem cell technology - a new ozone hospital has opened up over the border from Laredo in a nice part of Mexico.
The doctor is a recognized top Mexican surgeon and is trusted and backed by the government there, and best of all he is a friend of Ed's, and he has been getting excellent results using many ozone techniques under Ed's advice. He is presently offering one of the most advanced set of medical therapies currently available. We know of no place else where one can get ozone and stem cell therapy.
The best part: as the "opening special" so to speak, to get rolling and fill the beds, he reports asking only $10,000 each for treatment. He can do this because of the favorable exchange rate.
Contact [email protected] for details
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