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Default MMS and Morgellons Disease

Hi everyone! I'm doing some research on Morgellons Disease and was hoping someone here might know if MMS has been successful in either treating symptoms or curing the disease altogether. Any info is much appreciated =)

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I have not heard positive reports for this disease, I have actually heard negative ones.

NutraSilver seems to work for some people.
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Here is a post I read recently.
I repost it from curezone.

Morgellons skin symptoms in Remission:

I've decided that maybe i can make a bit of a difference somewhere...

so i'm posting as many places i can think of how i have helped my own morgellons.
i have at least been successful at alleviating the skin symptoms...And i've done this twice! I was free of all symptoms, and lived like a normal person for at least a year before it got cold, and i pulled out the electric blanket i used when i first got it. This re-infected me! It started with a toenail fungus...then led quickly to full-blown morgellons again.

I think it was a combination of things for me that allowed Morgellons to return a second time, but it was mass killing off of the healthy organisms on my skin that really allowed it to take hold.
Despite my toe infection and many, many other issues that were compromising my environment health-wise (mold especially in the water lines), it was me putting hydrogen peroxide all over my body to prevent the other issues from getting onto my skin that caused my skin itself to erupt in full morgellons symptoms.

In brief, i had the itching, the "ant bites" the skin crawl, also
strange crystals and white fuzz the first time i got it, then the second time,
fluorescent white puff balls which is how they finally diagnosed me, the doctor
having actually seen one spontaneously emerge from my skin. I had rashes, but
not the open horrible sores seem so many places. My skin on my face suddenly gots pox marks, and punch like holes in it, with no scabs or reason to show why. I did have the odd colored
fibers, and i think the disease is still internal, but at least it's manageable
at this point. By the way, one of the fluorescent fibers was sent to a lab
and the result was cellulose.

Summary of the extreme measures i have taken (that i doubt most would want
to take)

clean clothes!!! (fibers live in clothes) - and i put MMS in my rinse water.

I have dispensed with sheets and actually sleep on plastic, and have plastic
covered blanket that i wipe down with alcohol every day. One sweats with this,
so i leave an air gap to help prevent this..

I would think washing sheets every day would help.

I use paper towels to dry from the shower instead of towels - towels could
be washed every day too, but i found this way i got no fibers after my shower.

NO SUGAR!!! - this seems really the biggest part of all! Even beets! and
carrots! due to thier high sugar content seem to trigger it in me! i eat no carbs either except for vegetables - I'm not saying this is healthy,
probably ;many nutritionists would have a fit, i just know what works for
me so i'm telling you. Lots and lots of vegetables seems essential! (and
not corn and potatoes, but broccoli, cabbage, turnips even, radishes, salads

cooked or raw, organic, also very important for less stress on the body)

Healthy fats seem to be a must - i'm vegan, so hemp seed oil, flax -but for meat eaters fish oil is supposedly great.

Multi-vitamins - whole food ones - without yeast . I personally like alive by nature's way, but there are so many - i think whole food multi's are essential. Yeast also seems to be a major factor, or fungi in general
(an aside on this - this all started (the first time with the fuzz and crystals) with a strange pink film growing everywhere - where i sat on a naugahide cushion, i had to clean it off at every sitting with 91% alcohol at least (lesser concentration did not work)) It grows on
the toilet seat even between sittings!)

So important! For active infections - scrub the top layers of the skin off as gently as possible with something disposable or washable, and do not touch the area scrubbed to another part of your body!
I gave myself a good scrub in the shower daily - enough so the skin would get a little pink in the affected areas - and washed my washclothes daily. I also got a scrubber brush for my back (plastic) that i could spray with alcohol daily

For active infections - use a paper towel or something disposable to scratch!!! - i know it seems a waste, but when infections are active, scratching it will transfer it to your finger skin and under your nails.

Medicines and treatments - both alternative and traditional:
Lamisil helped tremendously (the pill - 250 mg daily)!

clortrimizole cream (antifungal)

MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) with DMSO - soaking in it and
applying it at the end of the shower all over - this seems to be one of
the major helps! - and i'm now on the maintenance dose taken internally

for soap i use miracle soap II (and use this in my laundry as well)

allergies - once prescribed Astelin (a nasal
antihistamine) i noticed a dramatic change

naet acupuncture and Brimhall and Bioenergetic synchronization, (aka B.E.S.T. technique)(actuallythe B.E.S.T. technique worked all on it's own the first time - just quite expensive - it was a gift given to me as i was on my way out it' saved me that time)

in active infection areas - tea tree oil

uv light

skin integrity - another essential!! - i don't know what part of my regime
made the change...MMS with DMSO seems to be the biggest - but here's what
else i do - after my shower - i put a small amount of probiotics all over my skin
(i use countrylife powerdophilus, but i'm sure there are many that would
work), just a small portion of a capsule, like 1/4th or so - i keep it off
my feet, as it will make your shoes sticky.

i use miracle II lotion and shikai borage oil lotion (although i feel bummed
that skikai uses some not so good ingredients), then i put on a thin coat
of cold pressed, or virgin, coconut oil.

(another aside - the second time the skin infection did not show up till i put hydrogen peroxide, not just on my toe infection, but over my entire body. This seemed to kill off the healthy bacteria and let the morgellons flourish on my skin!)

Fanatical cleanliness! - Before this hit, i was not concerned
much at all about germs... now i am diagnosed as obsessive
compulsive cleanliness - on disability - with morgellons (not delusional parasitosis, but my award letter actually says morgellons) listed as part of
my diagnosis and reason for disability. so fanatical cleanliness... i clean the toilet after every use - bleach in the bowl and lysol on
the rim - although i don't know that lysol is actually good (testing it) - I used to use the clorox bleach wipes, which i think are much better

i have my car seats covered with something i can wipe down every day - i use
lysol every time i get in the first part of my drive (again, not convinced lysol is actually good though)

i clean the chair i normally sit in at least once - definitely after i've showered.

i clean the shower daily - disinfect - i've found scrubbing bubbles (the disinfecting
kind) to be the easiest! Wiping down with 91% or more alcohol definitely works

and wiping down floors, walls, counter, the table i normally sit at (especially for meals) - If i couldn't use alcohol (like on wood), i used tea tree oil, or cedar oil

i spray all dishes and utensils, glasses etc. with 91% alcohol after use as well.

Now here's one most people will not do do (not that many would do the
above) - i touch no one. Not only do i have major concerns about passing
this, for some strange reason, touching others actually causes me to itch
all over.For people with animals and such, that have morgellons, i would
guess the animals have it too, and i just do not know what to say... When the in fections were really bad, when i would shop for veggies, i'd use plastic bags to pick trough the vegetables so i didn't pass anything

Ah which brings me to something else - i do not sit of fabric - as it
seems to live in fabric. Vinyl seems ok. I bring a little vinyl sheet with
me to sit on (or plastic trash bags work too)

for a long time, i would lint roll myself to get off the fibers -
sometimes i would go through a whole 90 sheet lint roller in just a few hours!!!!This mostly from the ones puring out of my skin on my face! I would also lint roll aftr i showered!
(especially after taking colloidal silver) i lint rolled all of my clothing when i was prolifically producing fibers
as well

. UV light - i uv'd all of my clothes before putting it on

I think soft water helps - not sure why, but where i'm staying, soft
water has made a big difference.

LOts of REST!!! i can easily sleep 12 hours in a day!

I also eat lots of organic cinnamon (not cassia but true cinnamon)
not sure if this has any effect

Pau de Arco Tea

Lysine - again, not sure if this has any effect, i also had epstien
barr, which lysine (as it is one of the herpes viruses, would help)

I seem to need a lot of protein

I also cut off my long beautiful hair (it was midway to my back) I now use clippers to keep it about 1/4" short!. This has worked to keep the fibers out of my hair, and off my face (which was one of the worst places - as evidenced by black light.

also a poultice made of diluted mms solutions and citric acid (this dilution is the way i always use it for everything), combined with DMSO, then put on a paper towel works wonderful for infected areas! Even over the eyes (which is so frustrating, that itch and the twitches) Just dilute, and not in the eye itself!

All of this is extreme - i can't imagine with most people's lives the possibility of living like this...I know it has worked for me, thus i share it...

i should also share somethings that have not worked well for me

Things that may work :

1.Colloidal Silver: it may work in the long run, it just made me sooo miserable ! It did start the pouring out of the fibers from my skin. Massive, massive amounts! I worry, as it also kills off healthy bacteria in the body. It is an antibiotic, used as a pesticide even.Some people this has worked for - my experience was horrific with it. I was up all night! many, many nights, and the itching would start quite quickly, as would the pouring out of fibers...
I took massive doses for a short time (near a week) but it has taken almost 6 months to really feel clear of this using the MMS and no sheets and so on.. no sugar for two months seemed to really make the biggest final help!

alfalfa - did not seem to work

cleocin - i'm a bit on the fence about this - i took it for a long while, and it did help with other infections....and keeping the body healthy seems essential

I'm just going to post this - I am starting a website - healingepidemic.org and healingepidemic.com
if anyone would like to send me cures that have worked for them - i will post
it...send to cures at@ healingepidemic.org . (no spaces)

As i have said, many swear by colloidal silver and other things that did not
work for me (with the silver, maybe i could not afford enough of it to truly
kill it off) .So i'm happy to post cures others have that have worked..(or not)

I'm not looking for support, don't really want to discuss beyond a willingness to post what has helped others and their successes!my focus, now that i have at least gotten beyond the horribleness of this is elsewhere. But knowing how devastatingly horrible this is, i wanted to offer my experiences, as they may be able to help someone else.

I have battled with this twice now - and both times, unbelievable cleanliness, making sure i gave my body a chance to heal on it's own without being inundated pathogenic microorganisms, (which seem to exist everywhere around us now), is how i got to the other side. This along with probiotics. My feeling is that we are little ecosystems, and like any situation, there is balance - it seems to be about bringing the body back to some balance (at least for me). I was able to go back to using sheets, hugging people, pretty much back to "normal." It can be done! So I offer my experience - take what you can from it - I know it's extreme : ) I just want to offer hope & say "It can be done" "We can heal"!

oh, and i do not sell any of the products listed. They can be found on the web through google searches : )
Wishing you all the best
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OMG! This poor person. Its too bad colloidal silver did not do it for her/him.

I wonder how much has become obcessive compulsive disorder. I had OCD for a while when I broke out in a very weird rash after my second was born. I was so sure I would give it to the kids. Obcessive washing and changing clothing. Covering my arms when I held the baby. Fortunatley it was nothing near as severe as morgellons and a visit to the homeopath cured by 2 months of torture in short order,,, like hours. It was amazing.

So people who have used mms to treat morgellons by topical application reported that they could see and feel the parasite crawling away from the site of application.

If you don't cure it internally you will always have it. From reports I have read NutraSilver works the best and you just have to make the investment to purchase enough to get the job done and I would take the view that I would use a credit card if I didn't have the cash. What are they gonna do if you don't pay? Many morgellons people end up on disability anyway. At least with sufficient treatment there is hope to return to a normal and working life... and if it doesn't work and you continue to have no money well,.... you can't get blood out of a stone. Some doctors who are working with morgellons promote the nutrasilver as they have seen real results with it.
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Thank you for sharing. I plan on trying the mms .... praying it will work. I've had morgellons for years. Was surprised yesterday when I picked up a letter from my
psychiatrist (I'm applying for welfare), that first in the string of diagnoses was "delusional"! I asked the person at the front desk "what's this?" and she said it's
because of the morgellons. I haven't been able to find a doctor that will acknowledge
morgellons, much less treat it. In the meantime, we all deteriorate. But thank God
for sites like this one. We all know morgellons is real. God's blessings for all who
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Some are suggesting that Morgellons is not pathological...meaning it is, or is the result, of synthetic compounds. Many suggest that this has to do with the chemtrails. One thing i would try is taking a bath of MMS as well as doing the bag protocol.
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Well, again I will say www.nutrasilver.com for morgellons. But since I posted on this thread back in 2010 I have heard a report or two about mms helping morgellons... so give it your best shot... and then again a positive report above for MMS. I would consider using DMSO with it both orally and topically to help the mms penetrate tissues better.
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