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Exclamation Chinese Herbal Therapy

There are number of Chinese herbal therapies to treat a variety of complaints that are available at Asian markets or online. I have compiled a short list and included their various uses. Those that are included are inexpensive, extremely effective, natural, and used for common issues. having each will take care of most issues around the home ( a sort of Chinese herbal 1st aid box!)

Zheng Gu Shui is a water based herbal therapy used to treat disorders of bone and dense connective tissue. It can be used to relieve arthritic symptoms, to speed the healing of bone fractures and breaks, to break up and remove calcium deposits, and heal bruising. It is similar to the kung fu medicine made by masters called Dit Da Jow.

Other uses include healing sinus congestion by placing a couple of drops in a steaming bowl of water and covering the head to inhale the vapors and several drops in a bath is an excellent way to speed leg muscle recovery from over training.

Yunan Baiyao is bleeding therapy that works so well that it is standard issue for Chinese soldiers. In fact, in the old days, when the sword was the weapon of choice, wars were fought in an effort to gain the secret to its recipe. It is useful for any type of bleeding, from small scrapes to major gashes (think sword injury!). In addition, it can be taken interanally to heal internal injury.

You can stop bleeding by packing a wound with sand or dirt but Yunan Baiyao goes much further than simply stopping bleeding. It also speeds heeling and a has a unique ability to draw out impurities which is great for deeper wounds that are in danger of becoming infected.

White Flower Oil is like first aid in bottle because it an herbal therapy with so many applications. It is excellent as a muscle rub, and a product many massage therapists use. For headache, each box comes with a small chart to indicate where to rub it for relief. Several drops can be added to a glass of water and drunk to relieve nausea and it is naturally insect repellent!

Po Chai pills is a herbal therapy no home should be without because it quickly cures diarrhea and other stomach complaints. In addition, it will cure the most severe hangover in less than two hours (drink up!)

Ching Wan Hung is burn therapy that is a miracle in a tube. It will immediately stop pain when applied to burns and the speed at which it heals, is nothing short of amazing. In addition to fast healing, it has tissue regenerative properties that reduce scarring from severe burns and sometimes leave no scar at all.

It can be used on scalds and burns in the kitchen as well as chemical burns. Much better to have on hand than aloe vera, though the tube isn't nearly as pretty as the plant.

Wong Lop Kong is commonly used to treat painful joints, especially true rheumatoid arthritis, and in particular those who cannot tolerate heat, such as the elderly. It is extremely useful to treat scrapes and road rash from skate boarding and cycling injuries because it stops bleeding and numbs the wound for pain free cleaning. In addition, it is a good treatment for insect bites.

Laryngitis Pills great for many throat ailments, will treat strep throat and for ANY fever! If you are losing or have lost your voice they will retrieve it in no time

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Thanks for sharing your list tcguy, I didn't know about any of those herbal therapies...good information!
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