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Default Inidan Herb for Internal Healing - Part 2

Indian Herb: Part 2

Treating Internal Cancers or Abnormal Growths

People diagnosed by medical doctors as having incurable cancer, who summoned up unbudgeable will to live, made some changes in their lives and have used The Indian Herb, have in many cases completely regained their health. In some cases, The Indian Herb seems to make no difference, especially if the person is without hope or too locked into a destructive lifestyle.

Many times people hear by word of mouth of The Indian Herb after having become extremely advanced in cancer or other viral disease. The medical approach is certainly successful in some peoples’ lives. The Indian Herb is an alternative, whether or not the medical approach has been used.

To treat internal cancer or abnormal growths, it is important to support oneself at all levels. Some people find it helpful to take stock of their lives by talking things out with trustworthy friends or an individual who shares with them that they can heal themselves. It is also important to nourish the body with wholesome food, grown without pesticides, so that the body is freed up to expel the cancer. Drinking 3 to 4 glasses a day of catalyst altered water, like Life-Line™, increases the potency of the Indian Herb and speeds recovery. It is also wise to take a potent B-Complex and mineral vitamin supplement each day.

Specific Directions for Internal Healing

This is how people have used The Indian Herb for internal healing:

For the first 20 days, use a wooden or plastic utensil to lift out enough Indian Herb to make a dose a little less than one half of a dried English pea. Make sure you know how big a dried English pea is, even if you need to get one! Take this very small dose, a little less than HALF A DRIED ENGLISH PEA in volume and stir it into a small amount of water or in a gelatin capsule.??Swallow this brownish liquid, including the herbal fibers you will notice in the glass, AFTER YOU HAVE EATEN A MEAL. Some people prefer to pack the less than half a dried English pea dose into a “gel cap” and swallow it after the meal. The Indian Herb will “melt” the gelatin capsule quickly; it does not help to make several up ahead of time. For 20 days take this dose each morning. For a more serious case, you may take the Indian Herb for 20 days, twice a day, always on a full stomach.

The Indian Herb is somewhat acidic. It is best to use wood or plastic utensils when handling the Indian Herb. The acidity on an empty stomach is almost guaranteed to cause severe nausea and a stomach ache. Only take your dose after eating to avoid discomfort.

After the first 20 days, during which the Indian Herb has built a great deal of Zinc into your system, it is prudent to take a complete 5 day break from the Indian Herb. During these 5 days you may wish to double your doses of vitamins and minerals. While the Indian Herb has been relentlessly killing abnormal tissue in the body, or killing viruses, it has also been saturating the body with Zinc. This imbalances absorption of the other minerals and vitamins. That is why increasing your supplements during this 5 day break is important. Not perhaps the optimum solution, but the best that is presently known.

If you think the illness or abnormal growth may still be somewhat present, you may take the Indian Herb for a second 20 day period. Using your own knowingness, kinesiology and/or medical diagnosis, after the second 20 days, you may decide you are well and cease taking The Indian Herb altogether. If you are not well after 2 periods of 20 days each, you probably need to find another way/other attitudes/greater will through which to heal yourself.
Please be advised
I advocate all health blogs linked to NMT.
Read them and explore MMS and CS.
It may be the best chance that you have to heal yourself
of long term and chronic illness.
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Default The Indian Herb

I just received The Indian Herb and plan to use it but have a quick question. I've been unsuccessfully attempting to rid myself of Chronic Sinusitis. Colloidal Silver helps tremendously in keeping it at bay but I must flush a couple times daily...not a cure.

Has anyone heard of The Indian Herb curing Chronic Sinusitis? How was it used/applied?


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Default What exactly is MMS

i read a testimonial from a jodi k about copd and what they did on a daily basis sounded like me ...here it is below...Maybe i should take this MMS ???

Adam Abraham said I could share this story from his blog here.
I began taking MMS approximately 2 months ago. I am 60 years old and have COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) with chronic asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. I was on oxygen 24/7.
I was not bed ridden, but life was a real struggle. To give an example of how weak I was; I had to sit on a stool and lean on my elbows to brush my teeth because I didn�t have the strength to stand or to hold my body upright while I brushed my teeth.
Each day when I opened my eyes in the mornings I dreaded making the effort to get out of bed. But in only one week after beginning the MMS drops I noticed that I didn�t need my oxygen all the time and that I had strength and could walk easily through my home without gasping for air. I was able to remove the stool and stand to brush my teeth. I opened my eyes each morning looking forward to the day. By the end of the second week I was completely off the oxygen.
I am a new person and getting better with each passing day. I do things now that I have not been able to do in a long time. I vacuum, do laundry and am also able to go shopping. I�m beginning to have a real life. MMS has proven to be a MIRACLE for me and has literally given me back my life. God bless and have a wonderful day.
Jody K.


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