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I am new to this site but have been reading the comprehensive information on MMS with great interest before attempting to try this myself. My medical history is at the age of 3 years I got polio from a live faulty vaccine which resulted in me being in hospital for 8 years and after many operations came out walking on crutches. During this period and probably up until I was in my mid 30's I took copious amounts of antibiotics for various infections/operations which has left me with a very weak stomach. Without going into too much detail I have had food poisoning more times than I can even remember with salmonella poisoning 4 times resulting in me being hospitalized. I stopped taking antibiotics when I was about 35 when I found out I had Candida and these days will only take them as a very last resort. As I have got older I now have these problems:
1. Stomach - Can go a few weeks without problems then will get a bad stomach (diarrhea) in the morning which leaves me very tired and sore - stops and then have constipation the next day. Have been seen by Consultant and had the various tests with the no outcome of what the problem is apart from a suggestion it maybe IBS. This problem has never gone away no matter what food I give up.
2. Liver - Abnormal liver readings. Which again the doctors couldn't fathom why as I only drink 2 glasses of wine a week. And have over the last year not been able to drink wine without getting a stonking headache.
3. Gall Stones - Causing pain in my side and not being able to eat anything rich without throwing up.
4. High Blood Pressure - Runs in the family but as yet I have resisted drugs as want to try and find an alternative solution.
5. Bladder Infection - Beginning of this year that was so bad needed to take strongest antibiotics and still it came back afterwards. Ended up being taken through the UK version of Rapid Diagnostic Unit to check for bladder cancer. Thankfully not but did leave me with the constant stinging feeling and the need to pee all the time which I was told was because I had 3 ureters! The consensus was to operate and inflate one of the tubes but decided not to go down this route and try and do some research for myself.
6. Osteoporosis - Due to the polio and only found out I had it when I broke my leg very badly 2 years ago. I really hacked off the Consultant by not agreeing to any of the recommended drugs in favour of taking Algecal with Strontium and Vitamin D3.
7. Headaches - Always had these nearly every week in some form or another.
8. Parasites - Picked up twice whilst on my travels.
I am my doctor's worst nightmare as I won't just take the recommended drugs and constantly ask them what the side effects are! What I feel is all these problems are linked and cannot understand why the medical profession cannot see this therefore have decided as they can do nothing for me need to take my own action. I started taking MMS last Wednesday taking it very slowly with 1 drop x 2 day increasing now to 3 drops 3 x day with no adverse reactions as yet, is that normal? Would have thought I might have had more diarrhea due to stomach issues. Got a bit confused as to when I should actually take the MMS after food before food.......at the moment I take it on an empty stomach in the morning then take it 2 hours after lunch then before dinner. At night I don't take it as need to take the Algecal, Strontium, Vit C and Kefir grains and Magnesium oil. Any comments as to whether there is a better way of doing this?
I am also using Himalayan salt and wild oregano oil which I took for 2 weeks before starting the MMS. If you have any suggestions that you think may help please do advise.

Apart from this I am well and happy
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