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Default Allergy Alternatives

I have horrible allergies and every May-June I turn into a huge mess of sneezing snot. I have heard that there are many different herbal remedies to take care of allergies. I have personally used White Pine essential oil and it helped a lot but I would like to know what other remedies people use.
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There are many causes of allergies but one that stands out is a overburdened liver. Look into milk thistle to help your liver function better. The liver filters out toxins that cause allergy symptoms.
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I have used pycogenol in capsule form, 150mg a day, made by source naturals. It essentially eliminated by mountian cedar/juniper allsergies, and seemed to help with grass too. Pycogenol is pine in a capsule form. Maybe you might get a better releif than that form over the essential oils.

If allergies affect your eyes with tearing or conjunctivitis, Dr Christophers Eyebright forumula may help. I developed watering eyes last year and they were like a fountain continually. 3 days of Eyebright formula and that has been the end of it. I think he also has other allergy herbal products.
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Take extra vitamin C, vitamin B, and adaptogenic herbs such as schisandra, yucca root, licorice root. These are the top most nutritious supplements for the adrenals. The adrenals are supposed to produce the necessary hormones to counter allergic reactions. They do not stop allergies. They mostly produce epinephrin and cortisol to control the reactions. Take a B50 complex. Anything greater will just wash out in your urine. The pantothenic acid, vitamin B5, is the one that the adrenals use, but it is best to keep B in balance by taking a complex.

I have found homeopathic tinctures to help a lot. Drops under the tongue. Allergena makes some specifically for my area. Probably yours too.

Vitamin C with bioflavinoids and also Quercetin are natural anti-histamines. Neither really helped me, but they sure seem popular. I do take the vitamin C to help build up my adrenals though. Bromelain is also a popular enzyme for allergies.
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i used to sneaze a hell of a lot, and took anti histimine's daily
until i found mms, and i haven't sneazed since....... god knows what was living inside of me to cause it
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Freeze- dried nettle works best for me, and my friends. I have the worst seasonal allergies, and I take this 3 times a day on my worst day. It works pretty fast. Make sure its freeze dried, not just nettle. hope it helps =)
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